Scandal Teasers March 2023: A Look At the Latest Episodes

South African television program, Scandal, delves deeply into relationships, high-stakes crime plots, poignant family tragedies, romances, and delectable backstabbing and covert sex. The opulent gossip magazine Scandal! staff live, love, work, and play in fashionable Newtown and vibrant Soweto.

Along with highlighting socioeconomic contrasts, it also touches on the elite classes’ personal aspirations and the struggles of the lower classes to make ends meet. Scandal Teasers March 2023 are here. This month’s episodes of the show will each include thrilling action and captivating plotlines. This is a sneak peek at what is coming up this month.

A Recap of Major Events on Scandal in February 2023

A delightful event that inspired a dissatisfied woman to join the dark side opened the series in February. The privileges of newlyweds were restricted. Nhlamulo revealed his sons were in for a surprise.

Petunia made a terrible error. Unexpected events forced one guy to face a complicated truth, while the other refused to make contact with her estranged daughter.

Unexpectedly, someone stood up for Petunia. A parent in fear was given the news that made him feel better. Between the mother and daughter, people were drawing knives, swords, guns, and grenades.

The show ended with Jakes discovering something shocking and when Nhlamulo was caught up in Vuvu’s antics, Mo believed Karabo was once again pulling his old stunts.

Scandal Teasers for March 2023

In the upcoming episodes of Scandal Teasers in March 2023, the following will be made known.

Wednesday 1 March 2023 – Episode 4291

A blackmailer who is ignorant of a trap being set throws too much weight around. Unexpected news shocks a daughter. Nhlamulo and Vuvu become disoriented in a game they weren’t expecting.

Thursday 2 March 2023 – Episode 4292

Nhlamulo is drawn into a cunning deception intended to harm a buddy. Mary shows up there to perform a good act but is taken aback by who she encounters. Dintle makes an effort to predict the future.

Friday 3 March 2023 – Episode 4293

Jakes has the opportunity to practice his skills as an undercover snoop. The on-screen debut of Bongi doesn’t exactly go as planned. Prudence’s guidance agitates Vuvu.

Monday 6 March 2023 – Episode 4294

Unless someone passes out, Taps is unaware that a party is not a party. Dintle needs to turn to her past in order to find her future. Next comes an awkward moment and more questioning, then a stolen kiss.

Tuesday 7 March 2023 – Episode 4295

When Taps learns he has misplaced something essential, he is forced off his high horse. To undermine her boss, Bongi devises a scheme. Cee-Jay offers to assist Dintle because he recognizes the seriousness of her pursuit.

Wednesday 8 March 2023 – Episode 4296

Jojo is aware that he might have exchanged one undesirable circumstance for another. Charges of significant ethics violations are distorted by the media. A young woman enters a scene that she is not allowed to see.

Thursday 9 March 2023 – Episode 4297

As boundaries are established, resentment begins to develop. Dintle maintains her principles despite the cancel culture she encounters. Zinzile is Mary’s ally, and the two of them are adamant about making things right.

Friday 10 March 2023 – Episode 4298

Dintle makes a dramatic step toward reclaiming her control. Petunia finally hears some encouraging news. Winnie makes the incorrect connection. As Zinzile enters the Commune, she expresses her feelings emphatically.

Monday 13 March 2023 – Episode 4299

Not every trail of roses denotes a successful romantic relationship. Larona’s christening after-party is hot. Although Dintle’s counterattack gains momentum, is it too late to save her and Izigigaba?

Tuesday 14 March 2023 – Episode 4300

When a woman first sees her admirer, she is taken aback. The Commune has become a boxing ring, and it appears that there will be no end to the fight. NFH is rocked by shocking news.

Wednesday 15 March 2023 – Episode 4301

Dintle receives a startling call, and her reaction is not particularly unexpected. Layla is rendered dumbfounded as the new owner of NFH is revealed. Mlungisi’s position has Zinzile incensed, but when he shares what he knows, she smiles like the cream-cheeked cat.

Thursday 16 March 2023 – Episode 4302

Hlengi is on the edge of diving into the deep end as her wrath grows. Andries exhorts Nhlamulo to act morally. An offer is offered to Layla that she can’t refuse.

Friday 17 March 2023 – Episode 4303

Hlengi makes the decision to go all in but then gets a startling visitor. With a lethal parting shot, Zinzile departs from Vuvu. Dintle feels a little disappointed when the DNA results are revealed.

Monday 20 March 2023 – Episode 4304

We become aware of precisely how serious things could become when Pablo shows up on the scene. Finally, Vuvu poses challenging queries, but is she prepared for the responses? When Tebello encounters this person, he has fresh emotions.

Tuesday 21 March 2023 – Episode 4305

A man is given a blatant warning to leave, but will he? Tebello’s unusual actions intrigue Neo. To safeguard her kids, Vuvu takes extreme action.

Wednesday 22 March 2023 – Episode 4306

We worry that Hlengiwe might be punching above her weight when a dangerous criminal falls into her lap because she won’t back down. About Nhlamulo’s future, Zinzile has a lot to say. When Tebello discovers Nqobile’s passion, he is ecstatic.

Thursday 23 March 2023 – Episode 4307

When an unexpected guest shows up bearing a warning that could alter his way of life, Mdala is shocked. Vuvu receives a nod of acceptance, but it’s not from the person she needs it from the most. Tebello learns more about his new friend’s situation because of his persistence.

Friday 24 March 2023 – Episode 4308

Hlengiwe is at a great place but suddenly finds out something horrible, leaving him dumbfounded. Finally, a mother extends her arms to her prodigal daughter. A relationship develops into a commercial partnership, all because of trash.

Monday 27 March 2023 – Episode 4309

Layla puts pressure on Dintle to take the necessary action, and Hlengiwe is compelled to acknowledge a difficult truth. When Vuvu makes her intentions apparent, Nhlamulo finds himself in a difficult situation. Freddie fulfills a commitment.

Tuesday 28 March 2023 – Episode 4310

In order to gain the information she desires, Hlengiwe offers herself up for grabs. Pablo notices an intriguing thing. Nhlamulo’s sentimental action experiences a speed hiccup. Tebello is worried after learning about the friend zone.

Wednesday 29 March 2023 – Episode 4311

When death knocks, everything else disintegrates. Tebello tries to advance their relationship, frightening Neo in the process. Prudence reveals that some things are not deserving of a pastor’s blessing.

Thursday 30 March 2023 – Episode 4312

Furious Mdala decides to confront the person he believes is to blame as the storm comes on his door. There is a new status quo, but not everyone likes it. Tebello is disappointed that he was misquoted, but everything is now obvious.

Friday 31 March 2023 – Episode 4313

Tlhogi grills Mdala about the fate of an innocent woman but doesn’t like the answers she gets. Dintle receives a surprise visit and Taps witnesses a crime being committed. A woman wants to know where she stands with her man after being made insecure by his past relationship.

Scandal Actors and their On-screen Characters

  • Natasha Sutherland as Layla MacKenzie
  • Robert Mpisi as Zenzele Kubheka
  • Mamarumo Marokane as Vuvu
  • Jerry Mofokeng as Neo Mokhethi
  • Thulani Hlatshwayo as CeeJay
  • Komi Mohale as Tlhogi
  • Mapaseka Koetle as Dintle Nyathi
  • Matthews Rantsoma as Nhlamulo
  • Nqobile Nunu K.H as Hlengiwe Thwala
  • Melusi Mbele as Jojo Kubheka
  • Nolwazi Ngubeni as Mbali Kubheka
  • Thapelo Aphiri as Javas
  • Nolo Seabi as Seipati
  • Botlhale Boikanyo as Omphile Ngema
  • Gcinile Nkosi as Zinzile Ngema
  • Marjorie Langa as Gloria Legae
  • James Kgaogelo Sithole as Mdala
  • Fana Mokoena as Vukile Kubheka
  • Slindile Nodangala as Nomvula Kubheka
  • Andile Sithole as Ndumiso Ngcobo
  • Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema
  • Sihle Ndaba as Dudu Kubheka
  • Bohlokwa Mpiti as Karabo Pheko

Scandal TV Program Airs on Every Monday through Friday at 19:30

Scandal runs on from Monday through Friday at 19:30 pm. While Ochre Moving Pictures is in charge of making the TV show, Gloria Medupe is the creator of the drama series. South African respected director Ian Nkulu is in charge of directing the soap opera.

Meet Scandal’s Newest Actor 

Shoki Mmola

Mmola portrays the fictional character Reverend Prudence Molepo in the show. She plays the role of Vuvu’s mother, and she adores Nhlamulo and Vuvu’s children. Yet she entirely dismisses Vuvu since she disagrees with her sexual orientation.

Molepo is a devout woman who has dedicated her entire life to the faith. She has high standards for herself and anticipates others to have the same standards. But she uses her moral superiority to hide her own shortcomings.

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