Say No To Racism And Xenophobia Zuma Begs South Africans On Human Rights Day


South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma who addressed a crowd that gathered to celebrate the 2016 Human Rights Day called on the citizens of the nation to rally against racism, xenophobia, prejudice and intolerance.

Speaking at the 2016 Human Rights Day Commemoration, President Zuma referred to the words of late President Nelson Mandela as he begged South Africans to say no to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, prejudice and intolerance.

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“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin‚ or his background‚ or his religion. People must learn to hate‚ and if they can learn to hate‚ they can be taught to love‚ for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite,” President Zuma stated.

The president said the ANC is building a South Africa where nobody will be discriminated against because of the color of their skin, in the provision of services and opportunities by both the public and private sectors.

President Zuma informed the South Africans aspiring for the past that they are minorities and ought to behave for the greater good of the nation.

“It became clear that there are people who still yearn for the past‚ where black people were treated like second-class citizens. But we know that it is the minority of South Africans who harbor racism and racial discrimination. That is why we are united against racism‚” he remarked.

Addressing Xenophobia, the President recounted that foreign nationals experienced horrific attacks in the country the previous year. “Majority of South Africans spoke out strongly against the attacks. They reaffirmed our country’s support of human rights and dignity for all,” Zuma said.

He disclosed that there are ongoing processes to promote peace and friendship among South Africans and fellow Africans. “Xenophobia has no place in South Africa and will not be tolerated,” he warned.

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