Save SA: 5 Reasons Architects Of State Capture Must Be Captured And Jailed


Save South says South Africa can no longer ignore the urgent need for a judicial commission of inquiry into state capture.

The movement is asking for an immediate “full and swift investigation” led by an independent investigation team.

“The evidence is insurmountable. The need for a proper investigation into state capture is unquestionable. Zuma must go, and take his cronies with him!

“…We must ensure that those involved in state capture are themselves captured and sent to jail,” Save South Africa agitated.

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According to the movement, the following have re-emphasized the need to capture the architects of State Capture and lock them up.

1. First-hand Testimony from Senior Government Leaders and Officials

To Save SA, the first-hand testimony on the scale and impact of state capture from senior government leaders and officials, exposed through the SA Council of Churches has entrenched the need to immediately capture the state capture guys and put them behind bars.

“The evidence is there,” Save SA asserted. “What we need is action to stop it. We call on others to back our list of minimum demands, and to back them now.

“It is clear that there should only be one thing on the ANC leadership’s mind this weekend: taking Jacob Zuma down before he takes the entire country – and the ANC – down with him. The time for decisive action is now!” The movement charged.

2. PARI Report which Exposed how SA is Being Stolen

Save SA contended that the detailed academic research which supported the sentiment that state capture is a ‘silent coup’, calls for the urgent imprisonment of those involved.

Excerpts from the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) report titled: ‘Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is being stolen’ read:

“The Zuma-centred power elite has built and consolidated a symbiotic relationship between the constitutional state and the shadow state in order to execute the silent coup

At the nexus of this symbiosis are a handful of the same individuals and companies connected in one way or another to the Gupta-Zuma family network. The way that this is strategically coordinated constitutes the shadow state.

This is a world where deniability is valued, culpability is distributed and where trust is maintained through mutually binding fear.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, the shadow state is not only the space for extra-legal action facilitated by criminal networks, but also where key security and intelligence actions are coordinated.”

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3. Deep Rot At Key State-owned Entities

Save SA upheld that the increasing evidence in parliamentary portfolio committees about the deep rot at key state-owned entities such as Eskom, and the complicity of government leaders tasked to manage the affairs of the entities, have shown it’s only fair to jail state capture guys.

4. ANC Alliance’s Acknowledgment of Zuma’s Role In State Capture

Earlier this week, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) banned Zuma from addressing its events citing his role in facilitating state capture agenda.

Similarly, South African Communist Party (SACP) in a gathering, demanded an inquiry into state capture and a proper investigation into corruption at state-owned companies.

To Save SA, the acknowledgment of the evils of state capture by ANC Alliance only stressed the need to incarcerate those responsible.

5. ANC Stalwarts Urgent Letter to ANC NEC

The stalwarts in the letter, begged ANC NEC to seriously consider recalling Mr Zuma as Head of State and of Government.

“Given the seriousness of this capture of the State by our own leaders within the ANC we as the Veterans and Stalwarts of the Movement call on the National Executive Committee (NEC) – as it meets this weekend – to…exercise its executive power in terms of the Constitution of the ANC (and) remove from Government all those who are party to this Project of State Capture,” read an excerpt of the letter.

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The foregoing Save SA said, comes against the background of the former Public Protector’s report on state capture “which continues to hang like a bad smell over Zuma and his network of cronies and compradors.”

Thus, the movement charged that Zuma and the Guptas must have their passports confiscated until all allegations against them have been tested.