Save SA Unveils The Final Straw That Will Break Zuma’s Back


Appalled and shocked by ANC NEC’s failure to push President Jacob Zuma out of the corridor of power, anti-Zuma group – Save SA says it’s now the people’s power that can dismiss Zuma.

ANC Veteran and prominent businessman Sipho Pityana on Tuesday stated this while reacting to a post-ANC NEC Meeting statement released in Irene Tshwane.

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Pityana, a key figure in the Save South Africa Campaign organization expressed disappointment with the NEC, stating that the committee’s decision to further mollycoddle Zuma shows it supports corruption.

The organization categorically assured its supporters that it will not relent in calling for Zuma to step down – this will be achieved with the help of the people’s power since the party’s power has failed to achieve this mandate, Save SA added.

Save South Africa’s statement reads:

“The ANC has turned its back on South Africa. And the NEC’s failure to remove Zuma must be interpreted as a further endorsement of corruption and misgovernment. Our call for Zuma to go and the call from growing numbers of people.

Our call for Zuma to go and the call from growing numbers of people and organizations, inside and outside the corridors of power, will not go away. In fact, we are more committed than ever to ensuring that Zuma’s scandal­riddled (sic) leadership comes to an end, and soon.

We can understand that many South Africans are disappointed, perhaps even angry at the NEC’s decision to keep Zuma in place. It suggests the ANC fails to understand the extent of disapproval of this corrupt and captured leader – outside the ANC and, increasingly, inside the ANC Alliance and within the leadership of the ANC itself,”

Save South Africa, in addition, encouraged South Africans to sign its People’s Motion of No Confidence in Zuma. The motion, the organization noted, “is South Africa’s way of saying: the ANC has failed us. It is now up to civil society.”

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The campaign also commended ANC members who were principled during the extraordinary NEC meeting and challenged Zuma’s dictatorship in the ANC.

In conclusion, Save SA said Zuma would have honourably resigned at the NEC meeting had it been he cares about anything other than himself.