Madonsela Attaches Importance To Satirical Report That She Was Shot


Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, has slammed brains behind a satirical report alleging that she is currently lying on a hospital bed after being shot by one of her bodyguards.

According to the publisher of the article,, Madonsela was shot 9 times at close range by one of her bodyguards who was later found dead a few metres away from the scene. It was apparently unclear if he committed suicide or if he was assassinated “to kill the evidence”.

The satire-base website further alleged that according to a CCTV footage obtained by the police, Thuli Madonsela’s body­guard cum chauffeur made a phone call 30 seconds before shooting her all over her body, including on her jaw, neck, chest, right arm, lower  abdomen and thighs.

Speaking to a local daily on Friday, Madonsela said,

“I would never stand in the way of creative output and I understand that the website is satire-based. But for me, it must be taken into account that not everyone in South Africa may understand what ‘satire’ really means. I personally didn’t find it funny.”

The defiant protector added that what baffled her was the rate at which the shocking satirical report went viral on WhatsApp and Twitter, leading to some people believing that it’s real. She added:

“Others were left traumatised. For me, it wasn’t always discernible that it was just a hoax.”

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Last week, Sunday Time reported that Madonsela strengthened her security measures and also restricted her movement following a tip-off from a trusted informant that there was a plot to assassinate her. BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the informant is a known police officer and that he reportedly warned Madonsela that a notorious Western Cape gang boss was paid to ‘waste her life’.

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The report further revealed that the notorious Western Cape gang boss allegedly received R740,000 to eliminate the Public Protector. However, the informant further divulged that the plan was fashioned to be like a car accident in order to avoid the intuition that she was murdered.

Madonsela later told Sunday Times that she had received a similar information the previous month about an agenda to kill her after she alerted the police and informed them that her life is endangered.