‘Parliament Must Stop Embarrassing Me When I’m Abroad’ – Zuma


Honorable Mr President, Jacob Zuma said SA’s Parliament had become an embarrassment he often had to account for when he’s abroad.

Replying to the debate on the Presidency’s budget, Zuma expressed that he’s embarrassed by SA’s Parliament Abroad.

The President said sanity ought to be restored in the Parliament in order to save “the dignity of the country.”

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Speaking, Honorable Zuma said: “… as somebody who from time to time comes to this House, I believe we can do more to bring this House into order. I go around Africa and people ask me very embarrassing questions about this parliament.

Some are complaining, particularly in our region, on the manner in which we behave in this parliament. We are changing the perceptions they’ve had of us that we’re a leading example in constitutional democracy.

They are now saying we are influencing some of their people in the wrong way,” Mr President complained.

Zuma further claimed that “people in the rural areas ask what we are doing,” and that “it’s very difficult to answer that.”

“Madame Speaker,” he said, “I would like to thank you very much and thank all the participants in the manner in which they conducted themselves. I also responded to the ones who conducted themselves very well.

“If your members have no respect, it’s going to be very difficult to respect them or their contributions. We all have rights,” asserted the President.

Reacting to Zuma’s remarks, John Steenhuisen – DA’s Chief Whip – stated that what the President said is a deeply disturbing insult.

“Parliament must remain a robust and independent institution, and if anyone’s should get their house in order, it should be the President and the corrupt house of cards he has built while in office.

This insult is incredibly hypocritical considering the numerous embarrassments South Africans have had to account for on his behalf locally and abroad,” Steenhuisen argued.

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And thereafter, highlighted that it’s also “a highly inappropriate and public erosion of the separation of powers.”

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