SA Car Theft: This Is Now SA’s Most Hijacked Vehicle


Over the years, the issue of car theft has gone from serious to alarming as Police stations in all parts of South Africa receive several reports about some of the county’s most hijacked vehicles.

Police Minister Fikile Mabalula, who is known for his constant use of his Twitter handle to address issues related to crime in South Africa, tweeted his concern over the growing cases of car theft in the country.

The minister, on Wednesday, May 31 warned South Africans especially the local Range Rover users to beware of the dangers of leaving their cars.

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He said Range Rover users are among the top car users who could be ‘in danger of being hijacked’ as it falls under the most hijacked vehicles in South Africa today.

Alert: Criminals are on a hunt for Range Rover cars. If you drive a Range Rover car you are in danger of being hijacked, STAY ALERT.” said Minister Mbalula.

It could be recalled that in February 2017, Vehicle tracking company Ctrack released it hijacking and crime statistics, detailing which passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks and vehicle manufacturers are main targets of criminals in South Africa.

The report was released based on analytical data collated by from January through December 2016 where it found out that the top three most hijacked passenger vehicle in South Africa are Volkswagen Polo, Toyota and Ford.

The SAPS, insurers and other industry players are notoriously reluctant to discuss which vehicles are the most hijacked vehicle in the country. Previous attempts to get solid data on the topic proved unsuccessful.

But this time, Police Minister Mbalula has categorically warned all Range Rover users to watch out for hijackers as their cars are in danger of being stolen once they step out of it.

Earlier, Ctrack noted that the Toyota’s Fortuner was the most hijacked vehicle SUV while Nissan and Scania were the most targeted truck manufacturers, according to the report.

The report of the Toyota’s Fortuner theft makes Toyota the SUV manufacturer most targeted by criminals in SA followed by Land Rover and Nissan.

The Volkswagen Polo and Polo Vivo are currently the first and second-bestselling cars in South Africa with the Toyota Fortuner currently in third.

 Most Hijacked Vehicles In SA

The most hijacked Passengers vehicle according to Ctract include in order: VW, Toyota, Ford, Citroen, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Audi, Renault, Chevrolet, Tata, Opel, Nissan, Honda, Citroen, Road, Volvo, Datsun.

The most stolen or hijacked SUVs include: Toyota, Land Rover, Nissan, Mahindra, VW, Jeep, Porsche, Renault, Ford, Daihatsu, BMW

The most stolen/hijacked Trucks and machines include: Nissan, Scania, Freithliner, Hino, Isuzu, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Superlink, MAN, Hyundai.

Hijacking Hotspots In SA

According to the list released by the National Hijack Prevention Academy (NHPA) the following cities in South Africa serve as the most hijacking-hotspots:

Cape Town:

  • Voortrekker Road between Bellville and Parow
  • Military Road, Prince George Drive- Corner of Military Road and Prince George Drive.
  • St Stephens Road- Be alert when driving along St Stephens Road
  • Alice Street, Voortrekker Road- Be alert when driving along Alice Street, especially near Voortrekker Road.
  • Station Road
  • Klipfontein Road
  • Prestwich Road, Ebenhezer- the corner of Prestwich Road and Ebenhezer.
  • Vanguard Drive
  • R300, N1 – under the bridges towards the N1 highway.


  • Alpine Road
  • West Street- Be aware of crossings on West Street.
  • Warwick Avenue , Smith Street


  • Beyers Naude Drive, Paul Kruger Street
  • R55, Erasmia
  • Burnett Street, Delfi Avenue, Garsfontein Road
  • Stormvoel- especially the traffic lights
  • Watermeyer Street
  • Nelson Mandela Drive
  • Lynwood Road, Simon Vermooten- The crossing at Lynwood Road and Simon Vermooten.
  • Lynwood Road, Hans Strijdom
  • Walker Street 
  • Duncan Street
  • UniveRoad,Lynwood Road- The corner of University Road and Lynwood Road.
  • Rigel Avenue, N1- Rigel Avenue off ramp from off the N1.
  • Simon Vermooten Road, Pretoria Street
  • Simon Vermooten Road, Farrow Street
  • Simon Vermooten Road , Lynwood Road
  • Lynwood Road, N1
  • Hans Strydom, N4
  • Hans Strijdom, R21- The intersection between Hans Strijdom and the R21.
  • Atterbury, N1
  • Pretorius Street
  • Schoeman Street, Duncan
  • Schoeman Street, Hilda
  • Schoeman Street, Grosvenor

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  • Kelvin Street, CR Swart
  • Pretoria Road, CR Swart
  • Elgin Road, Pretoria Road
  • Linksfield Road, N3
  • Booysens Road, M1
  • Nelson Mandela Bridge
  • Wolmarans, Claim, Nugget
  • Harrow, Saratoga
  • Harrow, Abel
  • Houghton Drive, M1
  • Jan Smuts Avenue, St Andrews
  • 17th Street, Krause Street, Pageview
  • Heidelberg Road, N17
  • Kyalami Drive
  • Beyers Naude, N1
  • Sunninghill, N1, Rivonia
  • Midrand, Clayville
  • Grayston, Rivonia, 11th Street-  The intersection of Grayston and Rivonia and the intersection of Grayston and 11th Street.
  • 11th Avenue, Empire Road
  • Jan Smuts Avenue, William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park
  • Witkoppen Road-  Intersections on Witkoppen Road
  • Bramley Precinct, Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro, Kew
  • Yeoville Precinct, Yeoville, Bellevue, Bellevue East
  • Norwood Precinct, Orange Grove, Highlands
  • Sandringham Precinct, Glenhazel, Lombardy East, Sandringham
  • Parkview Precinct, 11th avenue, 7th Avenue
  • Hillbrow Precinct, Upper Houghton, Killarne- The Hillbrow Precinct, areas such as Upper Houghton and Killarney.
  • Rosebank Precinct, Saxonwold, Parkwood
  • Christiaan de Wet, Wilgerood road, Roodepoort
  • Louis Botha Avenue, M11, Hillbrow, Alexandra
  • Riviera, M1
  • Fairland Ex. 6, 11th Avenue, Fairland
  • Alexandra, 1st Avenue, Pretoria Main road
  • New road, N1, traffic lights
  • William Nichol, N1 highway