Criminals Are About To Be Recruited As Metro Police Officers


Just like Danny Jordaan appointed his criminal pal and alleged fraudster Linda Mti to head up safety and security, he’s determined to appoint untrained South Africans who have criminal records to serve as metro police officers, alleges DA.

The party said they are in possession of a leaked NMB (Nelson Mandela Bay) municipality memo advising staff of the implementation of a metro police service, despite candidates not qualifying as legal metro police officers.

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According to the opposition party, the ruling party and Mayor Jordaan are in a haste to provide metro police officers after they’ve dragged their feet on the issue for over 7 years. And are seemingly willing to break the law and appoint officers who do not meet minimum education, basic training requirements and who have criminal records.

“By cutting corners in an attempt to launch a metro police, last Friday’s chaotic and disrupted event saw disgruntled traffic and security officers hold a protest.

Jordaan’s willingness to overlook unqualified and criminal credentials for metro police officers appears to violate Chapter 12 of the Police Services Act.

It is unconscionable that Jordaan has once again dropped the ball by delivering a toy gun metro police, with successive ANC Mayors unable to deliver us a lawful and effective service,” DA stated.

The party admitted that a Metro Police service is urgently needed to enforce by-laws and keep streets safe. But then, argued that ANC’s willingness to sidestep the law in the issue is all in the interest of wining votes. That DA said, will “place more  peoples’ lives in danger.”

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“Our people are under increasing attack from virulent gangsterism and crime. What is needed are well-equipped metro police headquarters, comprehensive combat, defense and firearm training, proper vehicle and equipment procurement and branding, and the hiring and screening of additional personnel.

The DA is determined to win Nelson Mandela Bay at this year’s local government election so that an effective, fully-functional metro police service, with specialized units can work to restore faith in government,” DA asserted.