ANC Is Under Threat From All Sides, Will Surrender key Metros In Polls – Maimane


The Federal and Parliamentary leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) says the ruling party is externally and internally threatened, losing its grip on government, and will be ousted from SA’s key metros in the August pools.

Mmusi Maimane made the remarks during a march for free and fair elections at Tlokwe.

He called on South Africans to protect democracy and monitor the activities of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) during the elections.

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“…While the IEC is tasked with keeping an eye on our elections, it is up to us to keep an eye on the IEC.

And when I say “us” I don’t mean just the DA. I mean every single South African. We must all take responsibility for protecting our democracy, and we must take ownership of these elections.

We must remain vigilant if we want our elections to be free and fair, so that we end up with an elected government that truly represents the will of the people. And people can only express this will if it is done freely – if they are protected from the threat of violence and electoral fraud.

If we want the outcome of an election to represent the true will of the people, we must also ensure that the party with access to state resources does not use these resources to gain an electoral advantage,” Maimane charged.

He informed his audience that free and fair elections are the most fundamental cornerstone of South Africa’s democracy.

The DA leader argued that South Africa’s democracy hasn’t been tested. To him, democracy isn’t tested when a governing party is assured of victory.

“The true test of a democracy comes when a change of government is imminent. This is where we find ourselves today. Change is possible in these elections.

The ANC could lose elections in major metros. This is why our local government elections in August will be such a crucial milestone in the development of our democracy. ANC is under threat from all sides – both externally and internally.

It is losing its grip on government, and it faces the possibility of surrendering SA’s key metros in the August polls,” stated Maimane.

Thereafter, he asked; “…how will (ANC) respond to this threat? Will it submit to the will of the people if this means giving up some of its former strongholds?

Unfortunately, if it were up to the ruling party alone, the answer to this would likely be – No,” he asserted.

The opposition party leader added that ruling party governs as though poor black South Africans don’t matter anymore.

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With that, he declared that ANC will always defend the corrupt and ignore the poor.

You know what his final message was, don’t you? Of course you do. Maimane said you should vote for DA.

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