It’s One Of ANC’s Lies, Whites Don’t Control SA’s Economy – Mbeki


Who controls SA’s economy? Ask the dude right behind our honorable President in the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa. He’d say – “for far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people.”

He’ll thereafter, assert that White-owned economy must come to end and then, promise that government will spend more billions on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in order to assure that.

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Ask Malema and he’ll say blacks are nothing without land.

He’d declare the ANC government is in bed with white monopoly capital, and wail that it’s “irresponsible of a black government to rely on markets led by white racists to resolve the economic problems of black people.”

Ultimately, he’ll state that SA’s economy “is led by white racists who only see blacks as consumers whose only contribution is as cheap as daily disposable labor.”

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Contrary to the forgoing sentiment, Moeletsi Mbeki said white people do not control SA’s economy. The political economist insinuated that the notion of a white-led economy is untrue and one of the lies propelled by the ruling party.

Speaking at the Franschhoek Literary Festival on how to protect South Africa’s democracy, Mbeki pointed out that the notion of a white-led economy in the country, along with the opinion that there has been no change since apartheid is “superficial”.

“The ruling party sees the racial narrative as of benefit to it,” Mbeki argued.

He exemplified that while the ruling party called on South Africans to forgive Mr president on the Nkandla issue, they opened a case against Penny Sparrow.

According to Mbeki, the elite in South Africa, about 100 ooo of them, are those controlling the economy. “You can fit all of them into FNB stadium” he said, and added that a huge number of black people are among the elite in the private sector.

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He further opined that ANC wouldn’t want everyone to know that only 100 000 people controlled the economy. “Because then, where is this democracy they are supposed to have brought? They don’t want the narrative that the great majority are not in control of their politics and their economy,” Mbeki buttressed.

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