“Our Economy Is Led By White Racists Who Only See Blacks As Consumers” – EFF


EFF says SA’s economy is led by white racists who see blacks as just consumers.

The party says it’s a shame that white dominated companies like Naspers, BHP Billton, SAB, ABSA, KPMG and Woolworths. Thereby living off the black market but refuse to recognize black peoples as capable to run and own them.

EFF’s outrage was inspired by the latest findings of the Commission for Employment Equity. Which among other things, found that racial transformation in top management position in the private sector is regressing.

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Referring to the twenty two years democracy of the country, the party said the Commission for Employment Equity “statistics attest to the fact that the white population is not interested in sharing wealth and in sharing leadership of business with black people.”

With that, the fighters asserted that the Commission’s report demonstrates that SA’s economy “is led by white racists who only see blacks as consumers whose only contribution is as cheap and daily disposable labor.

It is a fact that they trade and do business in a country whose majority is black people, yet they despise the very people who make them rich,” EFF added.

Malema’s party further argued that “black professionals work hard after even studying harder in order to grow, but because of the color of their skin it does not happen.”

The party postulated that “economic freedom” is  the only solution to a racist economy which excludes and marginalizes black South Africans. They noted that it’s shameful for blacks to beg whites for a place in the economy of the country of their birth.

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EFF said there are no industries where black people’s skills, talents and gifts are appreciated.

Hence, they called for the introduction of their economic emancipation program which according to them, “will disarm the commanding heights of the economy from the racist anti-black hands.”

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