Back Down! Don’t Fight The Fighters, ANCYL Orders Members


ANC Youth League has backed-out of their promise to physically engage the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), alleging that counter-revolutionary forces are working hard to destabilize Mzansi.

The ANC Youth League President Collen Maine once charged that the youth league will no longer condone EFF disruption of Parliament.

He said: “if they want a fight, they must be given war, Julius and his people must know no one has monopoly on anarchy. From now on, every sitting of Parliament, the ANCYL is getting in and we will respond accordingly from there in the gallery…The ANC must use our majority in Parliament to do what Parliament’s protection services are doing. We do that one time so we can put an end to those shenanigans,” Maine stated.

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Speaking at Luthuli House yesterday, the ANCYL president remarked that the ANC is not a violent party and ordered ANCYL members to condone the fighters.

“The ANC is a nonviolent organisation. But at times, because we are young people, we can’t stand these provocations by the EFF. We are calling on members of the ANCYL and ANC not respond and engage with the EFF.

We have come to the determination that the EFF want to drive all of us to a corner and that there must be war in the country. We want to apologize to South Africans for statements that we have made on war. We will never make such statements again.

The barrel of the gun is for the EFF, we want to beat the EFF on the ground with votes. Malema does not have capacity of what he says he can do. He is just a noise maker,” Maine proclaimed.

Aside that, he talked about the South African Broadcasting Corporation and stated that ‘counter-revolutionary forces’ are trying to  use the SABC to destabilize South Africa.

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“We want to call on South Africans to really observe what is happening in the country and not the SABC in isolation. Counter-revolutionary forces are hellbent at destabilizing the country. They would use everything, whether it is SABC or something else.

For some time it was the Gupta family. They have got nothing to say against them any more, so they have found something else. Motsoeneng has created more enemies for himself…Anybody who shows transformation will be targeted by monopoly capital,” Maine argued.