In The Good Spirit Of Justice, More People Are Being Convicted In South Africa


Justice and Correctional Services department is happy with the increased number of SA’s conviction rate.

Don’t get that twisted. The department obviously, isn’t glad with the crime rate in the country. But is, with the administering of deserved punishment. 

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Micheal Masutha, the Justice and Correctional Services Minister who briefed the media ahead of tabling the department’s Budget Vote in the National Assembly today, related that the department is encouraged by the success of the criminal justice system in dealing with crime and corruption.  

Masutha said the success reflects on SA’s conviction rate. According to him, the “National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) conviction rate has shown a remarkable 14.1% overall increase.”

He specified that “during 2015/16, the NPA recorded an 82% conviction rate in trio crimes (hijacking, house robberies and business robberies), 88% in organised crime and 94% in complex commercial crimes.”

Also, he revealed that the department upgraded 46 regional courts into sexual offences courtrooms to handle delicate sexual offences through the use of technologies, intermediaries and appropriate court environment.

“The fight against sexual violence on our streets and in our homes has been intensified with the reintroduction of the Sexual Offences Courts in 2013,” Masutha said.

And with that, he stated that “in respect of sexual offences, the conviction rate stands at 70%, an increase of 6% from the 64% obtained in the previous financial year.”

Meanwhile, the Minister said his department will soon introduce the legislation aimed at combating racism and hate speech.

“…We must all rise to deal with all forms of intolerance to consolidate our democracy…As a department, we will soon introduce legislation which will address racism and in particular, hate speech.

We are currently expanding the provisions of a draft bill to hate crimes to include hate speech, which will be introduced in Parliament later this year. This will help bolster existing legislative measures notably under the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act and other related laws,” Masutha asserted.

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