DA Is Certain It’s The End Of The Line For The ANC, Do You Think So?


It is evident that political parties in South Africa having been working on their loose ends ahead of August 3 elections.

Most political parties have apparently intensified campaigns in most areas in the country in a bid to garner supports.

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Principal political parties like the ANC, DA, EFF and IFP have also been crisscrossing the country; drumming up support for themselves ahead of August 3 elections.

But, the DA says the ruling party need not to waste funds on campaigns and electioneering because it has arrived the end of its line.

Speaking during a door-to-door campaign in the impoverished Walmer township, DA Mandela Bay mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip, says he is so positive that the game is up for the ANC.

According to Trollip, the ANC is simply a bunch of confused individuals beclouded with sentiments and instability.

The mayoral Candidate accused the ruling party of sowing the seed of discord in the hearts of black South Africans who support the DA.

For this reason, Trollip told his listeners to punish the ANC severely at the polls on August 3 by voting the DA.

“We cannot tolerate another five years of this. Their time is up. The ANC cannot rule until ‘Jesus comes’.

I’m going to ask you to defend the Constitution and vote for the DA,” he added.

To Trollip, democracy can only be defended when the ANC is pushed off; only then would poverty and lack of service delivery be history.

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The door-to-door campaign pooled many residents; who primarily showed interest because they wanted food parcels and DA’s shirts.

Athol Trollip also took a walk to Airport Valley from Walmer; drumming up more supports.