SARS Reacts To Moyane’s R70 Million Payment To The Guptas


While the shady revelation of the Guptas Emails engrossed South Africans, it emerged that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner, Tom Moyane enabled a R70 million value-added tax refund payment to the family.

SARS paid more than R70 million for the benefit of Oakbay Investments in a transaction that insiders say was far from regular, City Press reported.

It circulated that Moyane secured the payment for the Guptas in an irregular manner, such that left SARS officials angry.

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Now, the revenue service has reacted to the City Press article; stressing that it does not share taxpayer information.

Nonetheless, the revenue service specified that assessments and refunds are dealt with through a risk engine that utilises tightly governed rules and processes, to ensure impartiality in SARS dealings with taxpayers.

With that, SARS expressed that “the persistent media reporting of taxpayer matters” is disturbing. Excerpt from the statement the revenue service issued read:

“South African Revenue Service has noted the City Press article, Moyane okays R70 million payment to Gupta’s, published on 4 June 2017.

…SARS once again reiterates that SARS is not allowed by Chapter 6 of the Tax Administration Act (TAA), 2011 to discuss or divulge information on individual taxpayers’ tax affairs.

This right to confidentiality applies to all taxpayers irrespective of one’s position, rank or status.”

With that, SARS urged South Africans and the media to respect the confidentiality clause of Tax Administration Act.

Adding that the essence of the confidentiality clause is to keep all taxpayers information private, the revenue service reassured taxpayers that it won’t discuss or divulge taxpayer information.

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In April when the revenue service announced the preliminary outcome of revenue collections for 2016/17, it related that it has for the second year in a row, broken the Trillion Rand mark.

The preliminary outcome for the 2016/17 financial year, net of refunds of R222.4 billion, is R1.144 trillion. Therefore, the revenue service generally collected R1.367 trillion.