This Is Disastrous! 88 Percent Of Our Active Police Are HIV Positive


The attendants of a seminar organized by the Police Portfolio Committee of the parliament were shocked when the deputy Police Minister told them that almost all the active staff in the South African Police Services (SAPS) are HIV-positive.

Shocked as well huh? Me too. How did that happen? Should we take it that their HIV status wasn’t considered when they were recruited? Or can we conclude that our officers are specialists in sleeping around without protection?

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Also, if they are that careless with their lives, and cannot care to get some protection during wild flings, how can we trust them to protect us from harm?

Please don’t think about that “sex is not the only way to contact HIV” crap here. It is the predominate way to getting the virus and if 88 percent of the active staff in the South African Police Services (SAPS) are HIV-positive, that only goes to show that there must have been a carefree attitude towards copulation by the law enforcement unit.

Maggie Sotyu, the deputy Police Minister was speaking at a seminar hosted by Parliament’s Police Portfolio Committee and purposed to help curb the deaths and killings of SAPS members when he made the revelation.

According to Sotyu, the massive HIV-positive percentage in the SAPS includes non-career personnel and police officers. “The 88% is made up of active personnel, clerks, public services act members and sweepers,” he stated.

SABC reported that the Democratic Alliance (DA) member of the Police committee Zack Mbehel was perplexed when he reacted to the Sotyu’s revelation.

“It’s really quite staggering to hear that 88% of both public service Act’s employees and SAPS police are on ARVs and HIV positive.” Mbehel reportedly commented.

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