SAPS 2017/2018 Re-enlistment: Everything You Should Know


BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that the South African Police Service is set to embark on a re-enlistment process.

SAPS’ Acting National Commissioner has already approved the re-enlistment of former members from the rank of constable to warrant officer.

We learnt that successful candidates will be re-enlisted in the ranks they previously held in the service. And, will be remunerated based on the minimum salary notch applicable to their relevant rank.

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According to SAPS, all applications will be considered based on the availability of vacant funded posts in terms of the fixed establishment of the SAPS.

It was also divulged that the focus of the SAPS 2017/2018 re-enlistment is to improve capacity in Commercial Crime units, Organised Crime units, Detective units at police stations, Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences units, forensic social workers, intelligence gatherers, crime information officers, police stations, 10111 centres, K9 units, Public Order Policing, Mounted units and generic support.

SAPS is aiming at not just employing former employees. The service wants to employ former employees who are able and willing to help enhance the capability and service delivery of SAPS with their experience, skills and knowledge.

SAPS 2017/2018 re-enlistment will focus on quality and not quantity appointments, the service specified.

Below are the screening criteria for SAPS 2017/2018 re-enlistment. Applicants must:

  1. Have been appointed as a member of the SAPS in terms of the South Police Service Act, 1995 (Act no 68 of 1995), serving in the rank of constable, sergeant or warrant officer.
  2. Have successfully completed basic training and relevant functional police training courses, where applicable for operational posts.
  3. Have a good disciplinary and attendance record when formerly employed in the SAPS.
  4. Be in possession of at least a Grade 12 (matric) or higher qualification.
  5. Have a valid motor vehicle licence (Code B).
  6. Be a South African citizen; documentary proof must be furnished.
  7. Be proficient in at least two of the official languages, of which one must be English.
  8. Submit himself or herself to a medical examination as determined by the National Commissioner.
  9. Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner to comply with the profile of a police official.
  10. Not have any visible tattoo marks when wearing uniform; tattoo marks must not be irreconcilable with the objectives of the SAPS.
  11. Have no previous criminal convictions and/or pending criminal disciplinary cases.
  12. Allow his or her fingerprints to be taken and background enquiries to be made.
  13. Not have been declared unfit to possess a firearm.
  14. Be prepared to be deployed based on the needs of the SAPS, which may include having to relocate at one’s own expense and/or to accept a post away from one’s current place of residence that could result in reasonable travelling.
  15. Not be involved in any business or activity that will be in conflict of interest with the integrity of the SAPS and be willing to undergo a refresher course or any other training as determined by the National Commissioner.

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Apart from the highlights above, SAPS said:

“Former members, who left the SAPS on retirement (early retirement or who reached compulsory retirement age), were dishonourably discharged and/or dismissed from the SAPS, left the SAPS pending the conclusion of a disciplinary enquiry and/or criminal proceedings, left the SAPS longer than ten years ago or who are not able to render at least five years of pensionable service, will not be considered for re-enlistment.”

If you intend to apply for SAPS 2017/2018 re-enlistment, be ready to go through a thorough screening process.

SAPS said the screening process will include psychological assessment, fingerprinting, reference checking, medical testing, screening of former SAPS employment records and other nature of assessment.

It’s expected that further details about the re-enlistment and how to apply will also be published on the SAPS website on Sunday 18 June 2017.