Sanral To Use Sheriffs To Track Down E-Toll Defaulters


Road users in South Africa who are fond of evading the responsibility of paying their e-toll debts to the government should be expecting civil summonses from the South African Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) over the next few days.

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Sanral made the announcement that the summonses will be delivered by sheriffs in charge of different jurisdictions, in Gauteng.

However, the roads agency Sanral made it clear that the summonses does not make anyone a criminal and should not be confused with criminal proceedings but instead, the issue at hand is being approached like the non-payment of any other commercial account.

Alex Van Niekerk of the Gauteng freeway improvement project says the latest development is about Sanral’s responsibility to those who have been paying their e-toll accounts.

“There are thousands of people paying their e-toll bills and there are many questions raised by those people [like] ‘what are you doing about those who are not paying and why must we continue to pay?’ This is not only about chasing money.”

It is only fair to the thousands of the masses paying their e-toll bills as at when due to make sure that those who shy away from the payment will be caught by the long arms of the law. This will not only generate more funds for the government but also encourage the law-abiding citizens to carry on with the good work, and most importantly remind those who break the law that there are consequences.

A notice published in the government Gazettes last month reveals that new toll fees higher than current charges will be introduced this month.

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However, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) clarified that the increase is between 2-8 percent and should not be categorically referred to as increase. “This is not an increase, it’s an adjustment,” Sanral spokesman Vusi Mona said.