Sam Meyiwa Accuses Kelly Of Trapping Senzo With Pregnancy


Ever since the mysterious murder of former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, there have been a lot of hate between his Father Sam Meyiwa and partner Kelly Khumalo.

However, things have just taken a rather odd direction with Sam accusing the singer of ‘trapping his son with pregnancy.’ Sam initially offered to make peace and now this.

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Sam Meyiwa, had previously criticised Kelly but recently said he was ready to welcome his grandchild into his family. Hence, his decision was seen as a sign of peace. Nevertheless, a recent statement saw Sam lashing out at Kelly for “trapping” his son.

“We don’t care what that girl says. She must leave the Meyiwa name alone. The child will come to us by herself. She will. She just got pregnant to trap Senzo.”

During a tell it all interview with Anele Mdoda on her Real Talk show, Kelly Khumalo made it clear that she doesn’t live to please anyone.

“I had to decide for myself, I don’t care how you see me, or what you expect from me. I’m going to do me, the same way I would have done when Senzo was alive. When Senzo was alive I blocked out everything negative about him and focused on loving him, so that’s what I did,” she said.

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Kelly also talked about the love she shared with Senzo. The love was so special that he loves her “even in his grave.”

Speaking on Sam’s insistence that she has not been forthcoming with information on his son’s killers, Kelly maintained that she is not allowed to speak about the murder until investigations are over. She also added that in her opinion, the police are not doing enough.

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