Following Michael Sata’s death on 28th October 2014, the Vice President became the interim President of Zambia until the recent elections, making him (Guy Scott) the first white African president since South Africa’s in 1994. With the recently concluded Presidential elections in Zambia which most people believe was a wake up call to all Zambians to avoid mistakes of the past, Edgar Lungu was elected President to hold office until September 2016, when another election will be conducted. While some feel that most of the Politicians are actually canvassing for votes for their own interest rather than the interest of the citizens, it can be said that the voters were being very careful not to resurrect the ghost of the late Sata.

Here are The Latest Salaries of Top Zambian Politicians: Do we Refer to this as Sata’s Inhumanity to Zambians?


Although we do know that Zambian Politicians don’t really earn as much as their Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, or Kenyan counterparts, their salary is still considered somewhat high. Being a Politician in Zambia is now the trending business after their salary scale was hiked up by the late President. Also, according to a report done in 2013, Zambian Government confirmed it had increased the salaries of the Executive and Members of the Legislature and this we believe is why so many people are eager to go into politics.


The late Zambian President Michael Sata was reported to have increased his salary at will whenever he felt like it. Before he died, the late President had increased his salary 3 times, ignorant to the plea of public officers and their dwindling salaries which was as a result of the increase of his own salary.

First, Sata increased his salary by K50 million within two months. In addition to that, a legal document digged out by the Watchdog revealed that the late Zambian President increased the President’s special allowance by K19 million. According to the same report, the late President Sata increased the President’s salary from the K164 per annum which his predecessor Rupiah Banda was taking home to K327 million on April 1, 2012. This report also shows that the late President had equally increased the President’s yearly allowance from the K59 million Rupiah Banda was taking home to K80 million.

When the above increase which was almost 100% seemed like it was no longer enough, the late Sata’ salary was again increased by K50 million on 14 June 2012. This was based on the legal instrument number 43 of 2012 signed by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and it was backdated to April 1,2012 the time of the first increment. In 2014, it was also reported that his special allowance climbed from K80 million to K99 Million.

According to the 2014 budget read by the finance minister, the increase in the President’s salary would cause a wage freeze for civil servants for the next two years and that there would be no recruitment for public offices. This terrible fate to public workers and unemployed youths did not in any way bother the tyrant enough to make him reconsider, rather, Sata decided to include his fellow politicians in his plot to kill the economy of the country. therefore, salaries for all ministers, deputy ministers, Speaker of the National Assembly and all MPs, including the opposition have been increased. See the analysis below showing how much Zambian Politicians are worth every year:


Based on Statutory Instrument number 91 of 2013 signed by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda;

  • The President will be getting a yearly salary of K414, 406 and an annual allowance of K 108,934.00 which will amount to K 523,340.00
  • The Vice President will now earn special annual allowance of K 62,360.00, annual utility allowance K 49,098.00 and annual constituency allowance of approximately 25,500.00. His total benefit will amount to K 387,509.00.
  • Ministers will earn a basic pay of K189, 672 each
  • Deputy Ministers K179, 158 plus other utility and special allowances.

If a President who is supposed to be the care taker of the country cares only for his pockets, how will the country develop? Lets hope that the incumbent will do something to correct the mistakes of his predecessor.