“SADTU Has No Respect For Black Children” – DA


South Africa’s official opposition party said SADTU leadership has no respect for black children and that they will not be intimidated by the union.

“We will keep up pressure for the release of the ‘Jobs for Cash’ report because it is our duty is to protect the rights of children, not to protect corrupt SADTU members,” Gavin Davis the Shadow Minister of Basic Education stated.

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Responding to SADTU’s accusation that the DA has no respect for black leadership, Davis countered  that SADTU leadership has no respect for black children.

“After all, it is poor, mainly black, children who suffer when teaching posts are sold by SADTU members to SADTU members for R 30 000 each. It is poor, mainly black, children who make up the majority of learners in the six provincial education departments captured by SADTU. And it is poor, mainly black, children who lose out when SADTU members stay away from school for months on end,” Davis argued.

The Shadow Minister further related that he  learnt about “the highest level of cruelty” during an oversight in KZN where he a provincial official recounted how SADTU members drop their children off at former Model C schools in the morning and then go on strike for the day, depriving poor, mainly black, children of schooling.

“Now that the net is closing in on its bribery and corruption racket, SADTU is trying desperately to smear anybody on the side of truth and justice.

“The DA’s only interest in the release of the ‘Jobs for Cash’ report is to hold SADTU accountable for its role in violating the rights of poor, mainly black, children.

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“SADTU can rant and rave as much as it likes, but the fact is that SADTU is to blame for the deterioration of education in the last few years,” Davis stated.

DA then counseled that SADTU should own up to the corruption in its ranks and announce a plan to deal harshly with those implicated in selling teaching posts.