ANC Internal Crisis: SACP Threatens To Leave The Tripartite Alliance


As crisis within the ruling ANC deepens, one of its strongest partners SACP has threatened to leave if the party officials it fails to heed their calls to fire Zuma.

As part of its ways of mounting pressure on ANC officials to decide the fate of its leader, the SACP issued a stern warning to the ANC that it is about to lose one of its partner in the tripartite alliance.

Speaking on Wednesday while addressing members of the National Union of Mineworkers SACP’s second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila warned the ANC that without its alliance partners, it would have no power.

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This warning came after the party slammed Jacob Zuma for going back on his words about distancing himself from his friends the Guptas.

“The ANC must understand that without the communist party and Cosatu, it will be no better than the DA [Democratic Alliance]. The ANC – what will remain of the ANC? A group of these so-called rich people and the so-called professionals who are confused about which class they belong to,” he said, touching areas where the relationship between the tripartite alliance partners has been strained.

The communist party which has for long been vocal about Zuma’s lost trust and its implication on the growth of the party, called for the party’s national Executive Commission (NEC) to listen to the people by forcing Zuma to resign.

The SACP also called for an internal discussion about the powers of the ANC within the alliance, saying the alliance are meant to exercise equal powers.

“We have a situation where the modus operandi of the alliance has [tended] towards giving the ANC more power over the other alliance partners and that’s an issue that must be debated and discussed within the framework of the alliance because the alliance is made of equal partners,” said SACP’s Mapaila

Mapaila also called on the ANC to deal with the so-called Premier League – a group of powerful premiers of the Free State, North West and Mpumalanga, who support Zuma – saying the league have succeeded in hijacking the elective conferences of the ANC Youth League and Women’s League for their own political ends.

There were people who arrived with “lots of money in the boots of their cars” at the ANCWL conference last year, and the security detail had been aware of that, Mapaila said.

The party had at the same time slammed Zuma for failing to keep to the private agreement by the tripartite alliance that he would distance himself from his friends the Guptas as he was recently seen attending an event hosted by the Guptas.

“He agreed to deal with the problem. Quite recently, he attended some of their events. He is basically saying you can complain about the Guptas, I see no problem with them,” said Solly Mapaila who also threatened that his party would embark on a “strategic programme” if the ANC did not recall Zuma as president.

“[These people] are corrupting our movement with money; now members are addicted to money,” said Mapaila to loud applause.

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He accused Zuma of being the de-facto leader of the Premier League, which favours former AU Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to succeed him as ANC leader in December.

“When you have a movement that is so factionalized when wrong things are done by your faction you can’t speak up, you keep quiet. And that’s when you become inconsistent. The most excruciating feeling you can get as a member is when your leader can’t come above factions” he said

“He’s controlled by factions; he doesn’t care about the people of the movement but cares about the unity of factions. So, if your faction is united, that (becomes) the unity of the organisation,” he added.