SACP Smells A Rat In Gupta’s Sale Of All SA Businesses


Following confirmed report that the influential Gupta family’s plans to sell all the Gupta’s South African shareholding before the year runs out, SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande believes there are hidden agenda behind the family’s move.

The controversial family announced their move to hand in all its shareholdings in the country before the end of this year after circulated news that the family is involved in the Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan’s war with the Hawks and SARS

The family announced its decision saying its for their good and that of the nation as they’ve been victims of serious political propaganda in the country.

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 To this, the leader of the South Africa Communist Party (SACP) Nzimande  said  his party takes the family’s decision with a “great deal of scepticism”

“The current harassment of comrade Gordhan bears an uncanny resemblance to those events where judicial processes are used and abused for political ends,” Nzimande said.  The SACP, which has been critical of the Gupta family’s reported influence over Zuma and several of his ministers, said it viewed Friday’s announcement by the family to sell off its assets in South Africa by the end of the year to certain unspecified international interests with a “great deal of scepticism.”

“There is a strong possibility that the Guptas simply intend to sell their South African interests to themselves through their foreign-based investment venture capital operations.

Nzimande went on to say that the penal charges against the finance minister were flimsy excuses by the politically empowered to manipulate the law and to weaken the treasury’s struggle to fight corruption and corporate capture.

“It comes at a time when Gupta companies are reportedly under increasing scrutiny from the Reserve Bank, Treasury and the Financial Intelligence Centre,” said Nzimande.

“They are designed as a pretext to remove comrade Gordhan from office and weaken Treasury’s struggle against corruption and corporate capture,” Nzimande told the media following the party’s central committee meeting in Kempton Park.

Nzimande said the current issues in the treasury is similar to  the events that unfolded between 2003 and 2007, when the timing of another prosecution attempt against a senior politician appeared to be coordinated around the political calendar of the ANC.

“We call on the Financial Intelligence Centre to satisfy itself that, if any sales are affected, the Gupta family or close relatives are not the beneficial owners of the sale.”

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Nzimande called on the reserve bank to ensure that all sales by any group or individuals are properly checked that they follow full legal compliance with export requirements. He also added that financial regulatory entities should ensure that money is retained in South Africa in a blocked account so that any potential penalties and liabilities are covered.