SABC3’s Come Dine With Me South Africa Is Back! See Details


A new series of Come Dine With Me South Africa is coming to SABC3!

After more than three years, SABC3 has brought back to life the award-winning TV series Come Dine With Me South Africa with media company Rapid Blue that will now produce a new local 4th season for the broadcaster.

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The show sees ordinary South Africans take turns to host a dinner party in their homes and in turn judge each other. It was well received while it lasted.

BBC Worldwide Africa dropped the local series in 2013 after just three seasons that got viewers glued to their screens. When the show was broadcast on BBC Entertainment, it garnered massive buzz and the ratings and viewership were high too. Regardless, BBC Worldwide opted out of doing more of the dining competition series three years ago.

Come Dine With Me South Africa

However, SABC3 still thinks the show has a lot of life left and decided to pick it up. Besides, the broadcaster aims at using the show to rebuild its lost glory. The effect of the 2016 local content offering saw the channel’s viewership take a nosedive with badly produced shows shunned by viewers.

Thus, SABC3 hopes that Come Dine with Me South Africa and other higher quality local fare will help to achieve a ratings turn-around for the public broadcaster’s embattled and only commercial TV channel.

Meanwhile, South Africans who live in Gauteng can now apply to enter for the new 4th season.

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The show is basically looking for people above 18 who think they know their way around the kitchen (but mustn’t be known as a professional chef), love to entertain and have the ability to perform under pressure.

SABC3’s Come Dine With Me South Africa will audition between March and May, and episodes will be recorded between April and August. Applications are already streaming in and entries will close on 26 February.