SABC Thank You Music Concert Organisers Deep In Debt


As many speculated, the organizers of the SABC Thank You Music Concert have not been able to settle the bills for the artists who performed at the concert.

As a result, the musicians are raising hell, threatening fire and brimstone if they do not get their money anytime soon.

In fact, the organizers have been living in fear following threats by the angry musicians.  A member of the organizing team Mzwakhe Mbuli confirmed that they had been inundated with calls from artists who were demanding their money.

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“We have been harassed by musicians since the festival took place. We told them that if we had the money we would have paid them long time ago. We are waiting for the DAC,” said Mbuli.

“People are angry and I really fear for the staff and for my life. Most artists do not believe us when we say we do not have money.”

An anonymous source from Mbuli’s office, said she has had enough after being harassed by musicians.

“They call any time of the day or night. Some are very rude. I take their calls and explain that we are still waiting for the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) to pay.”

According to Mbuli, they are waiting for a bail-out from the department. However, the DAC distanced itself from the SABC Thank You Music Concert though organizers raised its banners high during the event.

DAC spokeswoman Zimasa Velaphi said;

“The DAC did not make any commitment to support the project. Artists claiming that they are owed funds should contact the organizers directly.”

Contrary to the information provided by the DAC, Mbuli said the department was supposed to contribute R3-million.

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Aside from owing artists, the organizers are yet to settle the bills for the venue which is about R600000. Mbuli lamented that they would have called off the show a few days before it happened, but that the DAC gave them hope.

Meanwhile, the state broadcaster has not commented on whether it would come to the rescue of the organizers.