Even As The Ship Sinks Deeper, SABC’s Kaizer Kganyago Sees No Crisis In Sight


With all the disorder in SABC and criticisms from the public, spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago sees no crisis in sight.

He insists that if it were a crisis, the broadcaster would not be able to broadcast, but it is.

“The are just a few people in the Johannesburg news room who are supporting groupings that are attacking the SABC.”

He made this pronouncement while speaking on Morning Live.

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He pointed out that the SABC makes editorial decisions on a day to day basis without having to seek consent.

“If the SABC needed to consult other people on editorial issues every day, there would be no news,” says Kganyago.

Kaizer Kganyago was responding to a press conference addressed by Jackson Mthembu on Tuesday regarding the SABC.

There was a statement issued by SABC on Wednesday saying that it has noted the contents and pronouncements made in a press briefing by the ANC’s chairperson of the subcommittee on Communications.

Following the press briefing, Kganyago says the SABC is particularly concerned that some utterances made are misleading.

He emphasised that the SABC never said that the decision not to broadcast the destruction of public property during violent protests is a policy position.

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“This was a principle decision not to glamorize the violence that is happening. And we did this in accordance with the BCCSA code amongst other things.” The public broadcaster did say that airing such violence doesn’t speak good of the country.

Meanwhile, four SABC officials have received charges from the public protester. Three other employees were suspended for allegedly distancing themselves from an order. And while Kaizer Kganyago insists there is nothing to worry about, activists call out to advertisers to stop patronising the SABC.