EFF Hands South Africans The Power To Appoint SABC Interim Board


Parliament resumed its inquiry into the fitness of the SABC Board today. And, the Fighters have called on the public to nominate individuals suitable for appointment for the interim SABC Board.

When the SABC board chairperson, Mbulaheni Maguvhe, resigned last month, President Zuma disclosed that he will wait for the National Assembly to conclude its inquiry into the Broadcasting Corporation before appointing an interim board.

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“The President will wait for the National Assembly to conclude its inquiry. Any further decision regarding the SABC Board will be guided by the recommendations of the National Assembly,” read a statement from the Presidency.

However, the EFF has called on members of the public to submit to the EFF names of individuals who are seasoned and available to serve in the SABC interim board.

The party also urged experienced individuals to not stay away from nominations but to avail themselves in order to serve the country and restore public trust in the SABC.

To the Fighters, one of the major contributions to the collapse of the SABC Board is ANC’s insistence on appointing under-experienced and weak board members so that they can manipulate, control them and subsequently control and manipulate the entire SABC.

Malema’s party said:

“EFF has noted that a lot of capable men and women of integrity who are seasoned in terms of institutional leadership have grown reluctant to sit in boards of government institutions.

This is because of the loss of credibility suffered by these institutions due to undue political interference by the ruling party.

The ruling party has over the years protected mediocrity, corruption and under qualified individuals at the expense of quality and integrity.

If capable men and women do not available themselves, then we will all be reduced to the inevitable result of being led by mediocre and weak individuals prone to manipulation by dominant factions of the ruling party to the detriment of the public institutions.”

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Already, former SABC chairpersons Ben Ngubane and Ellen Tshabalala are before the ad hoc committee to testify.

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