SABC in China To Obtain Broadcast Training


Oh yes! The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) will be leaving for the People Republic of China (PRC), on what official duty you may ask… to obtain lessons and training in broadcast.

The 3rd forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation is opening up opportunities for SABC to enter into co-production on matters of mutual interest and training with the People’s Republic of China.

 SABC’s chief financial officer James Aguma revealed this while speaking with SAnews at the forum which is currently underway in Beijing, China.

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He also said there were opportunities for co-production and sharing of experiences in the technological fields – especially as South Africa is in the process of migrating from an analogue to a digital broadcasting system.

“The significance of this forum is two-fold…firstly…it is very important for us to understand how other broadcasters are serving their people’s informational and educational needs.

“We are also here to explore areas of cooperation in the broadcasting industry.”

“The exchange of programmes will certainly cover culture, tourism programme to promote people to relations.”

No doubt China has now developed to become a major contributor to science and technology. By shifting its focus to science and technology to China is said to have had a tremendous economic and its now already the world’s second biggest.

However, China is known for its indiscriminate violation of its people’s human right and concerned South Africans fear the outcome of entering into a working relationship on matters of mutual interest.

Not minding all that, SABC’s Aguma said the Chinese have an open policy with regards to capacity building, so it would be important to enter into a training exchange programme with them. He also said as the public broadcaster, they are spot on in terms of broadcasting 90% local content.

“What I have learned from the Chinese is that they are very proud about their culture and language because almost 98% of all broadcasting content is local,” he said.

According to him also, this would assist in producing relevant policy-driven studies on the effects of technology to benefit the continent and its citizenry.

“I’m saying this because we’re seized with online child protection matters. The internet presents new and complex challenges of content classification and as policy makers we need to respond appropriately.

“We need to ensure that our countries have sound guidelines that are suitable to the dynamic nature of the Internet, and also appropriate recourse when faced with undesirable content,” he said.

Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) acting Director General Donald Liphoko said there is a growing need for Ministers of Information and Communication to start laying a concrete foundation for ICT research institute comprising policy, regulatory and technology professionals to harness the skills available on the continent.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance said SABC is expected to formally petition the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) to have the invalidation of Mr Motsoeoneng’s permanent appointment by Dennis J overturned.

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The party said this would be the latest in a 2-year long legal battle by Mr Motsoeneng and the SABC to keep him in office despite a laundry list of infractions that clearly show that Mr Motsoeneng was never an appropriate candidate to hold the Office of the COO in the first place.

The DA went on to declare its support for action to ensure that the SABC upholds its mandate and that public broadcaster is never used as a party political instrument to protect the ANC and the connected few.