SAA Corruption: R21M Spent On Investigations With Nothing To Show


You’ve read a lot about SAA corruption right? Here’s something you don’t know. SAA (South African Airways) spent R21 million on investigating identified cases of fraud and corruption in the state entity, yet no one has been held responsible for the crimes.

As revealed by a reply to a DA parliamentary question, SAA spent R21 million on 16 investigations but is yet to take any action against the individuals the investigations roped.

The investigations focused on allegations of fraud and corruption within the South African Airways. All of the investigations happened during the tenure of Ms Dudu Myeni as Chair of the SAA board.

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Reacting to the revelation, the Democratic Alliance party indicated that Myeni retained her position as the Chair of the SAA board when a new board was appointed in September 2016.

Thereafter, DA asserted that they’ve always expressed that the reappointment of Ms Myeni as Chair of the SAA board was irrational. And, that they’ve now been vindicated.

“Ms Myeni presided over all these immensely expensive investigations but there is no information that any person employed by or associated with SAA has, as a result of the investigations, been criminally charged or even disciplined within SAA and fired,” DA stated.

DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Finance, Alf Lees MP commented thus:

“On the 2nd of February 2017, I submitted a PAIA application to the National Treasury to request copies of all these investigations. On the 1st of March 2017, National Treasury requested that I grant them a further 30 days to allow them to consider my application.

I have granted their request despite my concerns that the reason given for the delay was:

‘To facilitate this request, consultations among divisions of the National Treasury were necessary to decide upon the request and this could not be completed within the prescribed time frame due to the unavailability of the concerned divisions…’.”

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With the above, DA charged that the full reports of the investigations, “without any deletions”, be made available without further delay.

“There can be no question that they must be made available before SAA appears before the Standing Committee on Finance on the 29th of March 2017,” added the party.

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