Bonang: SAA Tenders Sweet Apology To The TV Star For The Forward Reply And Twitter Disapproves


Following the storm that erupted on social media after SAA told Bonang Matheba off over her complaint about their food, the airline has apologised in a fresh tweet.

The airline has eaten the proverbial humble pie and apologised for its cheeky response to Bonang’s earlier complaint about the meals the airline offers their passengers.

TV personality Bonang Matheba took to Twitter on Wednesday to send a complaint to South African Airways (SAA). The star stated her concern about the food served by the airline which she said ‘they’ don’t like.

“We don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also, the funny cheese platter what what. Please,” she tweeted SAA.

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Like nothing we expected, the airline sent a clapback instead of a professional message or maybe an apology. In the epic reply that sent much excitement through the streets of Twiter, the airline pointed out that Matheba was the only one complaining about the food other passengers enjoyed.

A Twitter account with the handle @FlySAA_Care gave Bonang the unexpected answer. Apparently, the person who wrote the response has zero chills and doesn’t care if you are a celebrity with more than one million followers on Twitter alone.

“Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals,” it said.

Of course, this cheeky reply did not sit well with Matheba, who clapped right back, saying the airline should’ve rather apologised before calling it a “trash airline”.

Subsequently, Twitter was divided into groups of those who were for and those who were against the matter. While some maintained that the response was out of line, some others said Bonang should know that the world is not hers after all.

Meanwhile, a few hours after the storm has calmed down a bit, the airline issued an apology to the offended customer.

“Our Queen B, we at SAA love you. About our previous response, we are so sorry”.

Nonetheless, some tweeps didn’t like this, saying that the airline shouldn’t have apologised at all.

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