One In Every Three SA Kid Has Been Sexually Abused At School


I wouldn’t want to declare Mzansi a land of perverts prying on kids, but statistics say I must do so.

So, South Africa is a rainbow land of perverts with twisted minds roaming the streets and searching-out vulnerable kids to prey on.

The new study findings about child abuse, violence and neglect in South Africa, divulged that one in every three of SA young kids have been sexually abused at some point in their lives, in our schools.

Cruel huh? Even at home, these perverts won’t let them young kids be. A good number of them has been sexually abused in  in households.

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To be precise, the study indicated that a total of at least 784 967 SA young kids have been the victims of sexual abuse by the age of 17 years.

Also, a total of 351 214 cases of sexual abuse had occurred among 15- to 17-year-old in the past year alone.

The study further provided information on the prevalence of  sexual abuse, revealing that sexual abuse is slightly more likely to occur once in a young person’s lifetime.

In 40 percent of the cases however, it occurs two or more times.

The violence and neglect revelations made were unpleasant as well. In the school survey, 42.2% of respondents had experienced some form of maltreatment. This includes sexual, physical, emotional and neglect.

In addition, 82 percent have experienced some form of victimization which includes criminal victimization, exposure to family or community violence.

MEC Albert Fritz who released the study findings wailed that the situation is out of control and undermining the Department of Social Development (DSD) efforts in managing the evil.

“DSD has more than doubled the number of social workers within the department from 457 social workers in the 2010/11 year to 967 this year, and our social workers who cover our poorer areas, such as the Cape Flats areas, can tell you about the trauma they have to deal with children,” Fritz lamented.

With that, DSD pointed-out that no amount of resources, financial and human, or improved service delivery efforts can be truly successful without parents playing their role in the raising and protection of children.

“We continue to call on parents, especially fathers, to take responsibility for their families and children,” DSD charged.

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The study titled “Sexual victimisation of children in South Africa” was conducted in partnership with UBS Optimus Foundation, the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention, and the University of Cape Town to provide a nationally representative figures on SA young kids maltreatment.