SA Whites Population Shrinks; Over 700 000 Have Fled SA


Statistics South Africa released a report showing a tremendous increase in the South African population but a report revealed a striking decrease in the population of whites in the country.

Statistic SA reported that SA’s population has increased by more than 3-million since the last census — growing to 55.7-million from 51.8-million in 2011.

Stats SA said the country has in the past year, added 800,000 people to its population and has grown by more than 15 million people since 1996.

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It however revealed that South Africa’s white population is shrinking, down more than 70,000 over the past five years while the black population has increased by nearly four million over the same period – from 41 000 938, to 44 891 603 people (+9.5%).

Racial differences employment and economic issues could be said to be among the reasons why the country is experiencing a huge population gap.

The data said that the country’s white population has declined from 4 586 838 in 2011, to 4 516 691 in 2016 – a loss of 70,147 people (-1.5%) while the colored population increased to 4 869 526 from 4 615 401 people (+5.5%), and the Indian/Asian population grew to 1 375 834, from 1 286 930 people in 2011 (+6.9%).

Statistician-general Pali Lehohla last year blamed the increasing exodus of the Whites on employment opportunities.

“It can be assumed and working from theory, migrants tend to go where there is employment and looking at the age structure of Gauteng, you can conclude reasonably well it’s because of the supposed job opportunities that are there, that migrants are coming in,” he said.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is said to have increased by 26.7% and could grow worse in the coming years following series of political and economic problems faced by the country alongside the fall for the rand in the international market.

Classifying the age range of the nation’s populations, Stat SA in the 0-4 age group, the white population of 68,267 in 2011 has dropped to 253,035 in 2016.

In the 20-24 age group, and 25-29 category, the numbers show a decline from 313,616 and 336,355, to 303,257, and 287,792 people respectively.

Similarly, the 30’s age group – 318,329 whites between the ages of 30-34 in 2011, down to 279,475, while in the 35-39 group, the population has declined to 278,789, from 342,316, in 2011.

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The survey however placed Gauteng as the province with the highest number of people, at 13.4-million followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 11-million inhabitants‚ and the Eastern Cape and Western Cape with 7-million each.

The body also said that the number of households in the country has also increased from 14.5-million to 16.9-million in 2016 thanks to the growing population. About 58.7% of the households are headed by men.

Northern Cape remains the most sparsely populated province having a population of only 1.2-million.