SA War Against Corruption: Joburg Mayor Set To Probe City Power Tenders


When talking about moves by SA government to wage war against corruption, DA’s Herman Mashaba (Joburg mayor) and Major Msimanga (Tshwane mayor) stand at the fore front of leaders who have made headlines on the matter.

In a recent press briefing, Joburg mayor Mashaba confirmed his move to smoke out corruption from Joburg’s city power, saying he can no longer make the city a comfort zone for those who are uncomfortable by the city’s investigations into the power tenders.

The mayor who also reiterated his move to wage war against corruption in the city and confirmed that the City has instituted an independent forensic investigation into City Power tenders valued at billions of rand.

This, according to him, follows serious allegations and information being disclosed to his office of recent.

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The mayor who assured that those found guilty of corruption will find themselves behind bars and stolen money will be recovered and used for peoples benefit, also revealed that investigation was being conducted by Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo Incorporated‚ one of the top five auditing firms in South Africa.

Mashaba’s confirmation follows a statement by the ANC in Johannesburg which claimed that Mshaba was “putting pressure on Joburg Metro Boards to fire senior managers‚ simply because these managers were employed by the ANC administration”.

“The ANC understands that Mayor Mashaba has instructed the board of City Power led by Struggle veteran Frank Chikane to suspend the utility’s Managing Director Sicelo Xulu‚ Mashaba threatened to dissolve the Board if this doesn’t happen.

“On Monday the 6th of February 2017‚ Mashaba instructed the new Joburg City Manager Ndivho Lukhwareni to dissolve the City Power board. The decision to dissolve the board was resisted by the City Manager who is now under pressure from the Donald Trump-like totalitarian tendencies of Mashaba‚” the ANC asserted.

The party also accused the mayor of putting the power utility’s board in a position where it either had to comply with Mashaba’s instruction and suspend Xulu‚ or risk being dissolved for refusing to suspend Xulu.

The ANC believes that Lukhwareni will not be able to resist Mashaba’s thirst to remove boards of City entities for too long especially at City Power. It also accused Mashaba of pretending to be on a corruption-busting mission‚ but his extraordinary interest in City Power tenders reveals his true interests.

Mashaba, on the other hand, said he found it shocking that the ANC would take interest in investigations into City Power tenders authorized during their term in office. He said it is essential that this investigation is conducted by an independent and professional auditing firm in order to ensure that its report is free of any political interference or bias.

Joburg mayor further noted that he expected a report to be finalized in the next six weeks and would make its findings and recommendations available to the public.

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The city’s Tony Taverna-Turisan said since the mayor came into office he has been inundated with complaints of alleged corruption within City Power.

These tenders are worth billions of rand. This is an enormous amount of money and that’s public money. For the mayor to sit with that information and not act immediately would be a dereliction of his duties to the residents of the city,” Taverna-Turisana added.

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