Hurray! SA Taxi Drivers To Enjoy A Pay Rise Under New Minimum Wage


The Department of Labour has finally agreed to increase the minimum wages for the SA taxi drivers sector by an average of 6.2% as from next month – 01 August 2016.

The labour department made this announcement thereby giving the drivers a monthly minimum wage of  about  R3030.67 to R3,218.57; weekly from R697.13 to R742.80 and hourly from R14.51 to R15.47.

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Rank marshals’ minimum wages will also increase monthly from R2414.63 to R2564.33; weekly from R557.26 to R591.81 and hourly from R11.60 to R12.32.

The wages of other workers in the sector will increase monthly from R2112.81 to R2243.80; weekly from R487.60 to R517.83 and hourly from R10.15 to R10.78.

The department’s acting spokesman Mokgadi Pela also revealed that the new boarding allowance‚ where an employer requires an employee to sleep over at a place other than his or her own home‚ will increase from R329.29 to R349.70.

SA Taxi drivers set out in February to demand an increase in their pay following their complain that their employers are not complying with the taxi industry’s sectoral determination.

The minimum wage for the SA taxi drivers was then pegged at R2,847.01, while rank marshals pocketed R2,275.81 per month but after plea for increase, the Labour minister Mildred Oliphant announced a wage increment for the farming and forestry sectors.

The increases were then increased to hour rate of R14.25, up from R13.37;a weekly rate of R641.32, which is up from R601.61 and a monthly rate of R2778.83, up from R2606.78 as was adjusted from 1 March 2016.

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The department stated that the wage adjustments were to ensure that workers’ earnings keep pace with the rising cost of living while boosting the purchasing power which benefits the economy.

The Taxi Sectoral determination provides guidelines to minimum wage and other basic conditions of employment as per legislation.