Student Accommodation Problem: EFF Shares 3 Reasons It Can No Longer Be Blamed On Apartheid 


The Fighters (EFF) has expressed that they are deeply frustrated by the student accommodation problem in South Africa.

Stressing that student accommodation problem has characterised higher education for many years, the Fighters lamented that it is not cool for young black students to sleep in libraries, toilets and deserted buildings just to access education.

Adding that the problem is worse in rural universities like Venda and Mthatha, EFF upheld that the current government of the country has failed and neglected South African youth.

With that, EFF asserted that the student accommodation problem can no longer be blamed on apartheid because:

1. It’s now 23 years Since Apartheid Ended

Yea, it’s been 23 years since Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters attained the quest for a democratic South Africa.

It’s no longer reasonable to blame the student accommodation problems and other similar problems on apartheid, the party indicated.

Disregarding that, the Fighter offered the following as other reasons why the student accommodation problem can’t be blamed on apartheid anymore.

2. It was the ANC Government that Slashed-down the Funding of Higher Education

EFF inferred that no sensible government would allow a situation whereby its university can only accommodate 30% of its student in need of accommodations as in TUT.

Having  said that, the party asserted thus:

“It is a fact that one of the first things the government of the ANC did through its neoliberal policies (GEAR) was to cut funding to higher education which resulted in a situation where for many years universities had to be run like profit-making corporations.”

3. Government’s Priority isn’t Providing Student Accommodation, it’s Corruption  

 EFF said it’s delusional to think there are no resources to provide student accommodation.

“This is the same government that can pay a full R17 Billion upfront for a corrupt Transnet deal to benefit the Guptas.

“…The priorities of the ANC government is corruption, nepotism, and an opulent life with private properties in Dubai. This is what preoccupies the interests of those in the ANC,” stated the Fighters.

EFF’s Solution to Student Accommodation Problem

To EFF, finding a lasting solution to the problem is quite simple. Just remove the corrupt government.

In the words of the Fighters, “money will never come to resolve the challenges faced…like lack of student accommodation…as long as the ANC is in power.”

And, don’t waste your time in striving to get the ruling party take care of the problem for “it is even futile to make a call on them to intervene.”

This is so “because whatever they do, they do it to enrich themselves and their families.

“The students of South Africa must know that they have been abandoned by the ANC which has elected corruption and the Guptas over them,” added the Fighters.

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