Are You A Security Officer? Your Wage Will Increase Tomorrow


BuzzSouthAfrica has verified that the minimum wage of SA security officers at the private security sector will increase tomorrow, the first day of September 2016.

As confirmed, the minimum wage will increase by an average of 7.1% as the current sectoral determination expires today.

The Department of Labor divulged that the increase is in line with an agreement reached in 2015.

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According to the department, the agreement was made in accordance with the stipulations of the Negotiated Framework Agreement for the National Bargaining Forum for the Private Security Sector.

Adding that the latest increase in the private security sectoral determination will be in its second year of implementation, Labor department highlighted that the private security sector in May 2015, signed a three-year minimum wage determination.

With that, it informed that part of the agreement was bridging the wage gap between the higher grade security officers and those in the lower wage strata.

Thus, various allowances relating to night shift, cleaning, special allowance and their likes, are all expected to increase in the new sectoral determination.

Aside that, the new sectoral determination made provision for better working conditions. While it prescribed for minimum wages, it addressed issues like number of leave days, working hours and termination rules.

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Meanwhile, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) is on its fourth week of protected industrial action against Telkom SA.

The Congress Of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) related that the dispute is over salary and substantive issues.

“…The CWU are demanding an 11% salary increase and the company brings nothing on the table. On dispute is 6 months’ maternity leave; 3 years moratorium on retrenchments and outsourcing; the bridging of the apartheid wage gap and status quo on gain-sharing model…

In all of these just demands, the company has not moved an inch to try and settle the matter. On the contrary, the company decided to give a fat cheque to its absolute lily white male only executive management.

And, its kitchen niggar in the form of Sipho Maseko, was rewarded for the best performance of the company and without shame; the company handed Maseko R2.5 million. This increased his salary from R12 million to R14.5 million,” stated COSATU.