Half Of Gauteng And Limpopo Schoolgirls Forced To Have Sex


SA teachers, older pupils and other culprits have forced almost half of SA schoolgirls in Gauteng and Limpopo to have sex with them.

This is according to ActionAid SA latest findings on sexual violence in schools.

SA teachers aren’t the exclusive culprits of this offence. 44% of the perpetrator are boys, older pupils and school drop-outs.

Among the SA schoolgirls sampled, 80% of them in Gauteng and 28% from Limpopo admitted to engaging in sexual activity.

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The study discovered that the sexual predators forced about 50 percent of the schoolgirls to have sex. Teachers cajoled one in every five of the girls into it.

16 percent of the female students between 13 and 18 years old, identified older men as the sexual perverts assaulting them. 5 percent divulged that the sexual assault came from family members.

While nine percent of the school girls admitted to being raped. The study alarmingly related that it found a school where sexual predators raped 33 percent of the female student.

Fifty-six percent are ready to consider abortion if they take in. Eight percent would commit suicide and only eight percent would keep the baby.

Ten percent of schoolgirls from Limpopo said they would drop out of school if they get pregnant. One percent of those from Gauteng admitted that they would do same.

President Jacob Zuma condemned the phenomenon while he was addressing his audience at the 2016 Youth Day celebrations at Orlando Stadium in Soweto.

He said: “we need to protect our youth, especially young South African women and girls, from abuse and exploitation. (And the) new shocking phenomena in our country such as the so-called sex parties or sex stokvels known as the mavuso.”

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The deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa launched a national campaign for SA girls and young women recently.

At the event, Ramaphosa wailed that nearly 2 000 girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 24 get infected by HIV in South Africa each week.

That, he said, is so despite the government’s remarkable success in saving lives through the provision of free treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS.

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