SA Relaxes Visa Restrictions For Indians


South Africa and India has enjoyed social, economic, political and global cooperation.

For the sake of these strong relations, South Africa will relax its visa restrictions for Indians,” says Zuma.

Zuma was addressing a media conference that followed his official talks with Prime Minister Modi of India.

President Zuma informed Indians that South Africa has relaxed its visa restrictions for them.

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“We have agreed to expand and improve people to people contact through promoting tourism between the two countries,” he said.

“We would like to assure the Indian side that South Africa is a wonderful tourism destination. And that a simplification of South Africa’s visa regime with India is underway. This will promote ease of travel to South Africa,” added President Zuma.

Mr President pointed out that relaxing the visa restrictions is necessary and important.

“It is important that our two countries continue to work together in the quest for peace and security. We acknowledge and commend the leading role that India is playing in the peacekeeping efforts on the Continent.

Our countries enjoy strong relations and cooperation in social, economic, political and global cooperation,” Zuma Indicated.

He said South Africa and India enjoy strong relations dating back to the struggle against apartheid.

“India was a vociferous campaigner against apartheid colonialism. Our two countries also share the honor of having produced two liberation icons, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.”

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He thereafter, lectured that Indians first arrived South Africa over one hundred and fifty years ago.

“The considerable contribution of this community to shaping modern day South Africa, is another reason for the deep bonds between our two countries.

With regards to trade, there are over one hundred Indian companies operating in South Africa. They contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation in our country,” argued Mr president.