SA Radical Economic Transformation: Ramaphosa Says Time For Lamentation Is Over


Radical Economic Transformation: The words from deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa landed yet again with strength to weary South Africans as he encouraged them to unite against corrupt and power thirsty individuals who are determined to capture state institutions.

Speaking at a Black Business Council event in Sandton, Johannesburg on Wednesday evening, the deputy president charged citizens to join forces to fight against state capture and against those who are attempting to hijack the nation’s democracy.

According to him, there are some who are attempting to appropriate the democratic movement, along with its history, symbols and policies in pursuit of factional interests.

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These kind of people should no longer be allowed to overshadow the country, he said adding that the fight against corruption, patronage and state capture by individuals or families will not be compromised.

“We will not compromise on our fight against corruption, patronage or rank seeking. We will also not allow the institutions of our state to be captured by anyone – be they individuals, be they families who are intent on narrow self-enrichment.

“We will also not allow our policies to be appropriated in a pursuit of factional interests or in an attempt to hoodwink the public through revolutionary sounding slogans.” he said

Speaking further on the need for South African citizens to  to reunite, Ramaphosa said the time for lamentation is over and citizens must remain vigilant with their eyes fastened on the movements on state own institutions.

The deputy president admitted that government have disappointed members of the black business community by continuing to do business with “the usual suspects”, referring to white-owned and big businesses.

He however promised that government will correct such error saying it’s not correct that black professionals, be [they] lawyers, be they accountants, be they asset managers, be they engineers, should languish in inactivity.

He called on the different sectors to put the needs of South Africans first, especially those who are marginalized in the country.

“Whenever you go through the length and breadth of our country…you see a long face, you will see the long face of an African woman because she’s black, because she’s poor,” he said.

Ramaphosa’s words of encouragement comes amid succession debate in the ANC which centers around him and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma with the ANC unlikely to open the campaign until close to its national elective  conference in December.

Though neither Ramaphosa nor Dlamini-Zuma is yet to openly declared their candidacies, the ruling party is further deepened in crisis as members a re divided on who best fit the presidential seat.

Political analyst however believed that Ramaphosa’s latest appearance and words indirectly against Zuma and his allies were politically inclined.

Nevertheless, the deputy believes its his duty to speak to citizens about the state of the nation.

Radical Economic Transformation

The deputy President also called for a radical economic transformation, saying it must be achieved as a matter of urgency whether people like it or not.

Radical economic transformation is now, he said, adding that those who dismiss  the urgency of the matter and question government’s commitment to achieving it, should sit down, listen, smell the coffee and realise that the economic transformation South Africa is non-negotiable and it has to happen, and it is going to happen whether people like it or not.

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The deputy president further noted that transformation will only be achieved when all South Africans are able to share in the country’s wealth as per the Freedom Charter.

It is fundamentally about inclusive and shared growth; changing the ownership patterns of our economy and to do it at a faster rate, he said.

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