It’s All About Waste Pals, Public Officials Had A Good-time With 61.4m Public’s Money


Dear South Africans, BuzzSouthAfrica learnt from a recent presentation by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the Standing Committee on Appropriations that 61.4m of public’s money was lavished by SA public officials in such manner that will make your heart bleed.

The presentation exposed that R32 million was paid to suspended officials in 2014/2015 with another R29.4 million lost due to financial misconduct.

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Also, it highlighted that 31% head of departments in the Public Service have not entered into performance agreements with their executing authorities in 2015/2016.

Along with the foregoing, PSC discovered that many departments spent millions but didn’t actualize their Annual Performance Plan Targets.

As disclosed, the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services was the top offender in the previous financial year. The department spent 98% of its budget but only achieved 24% of its plan targets.

Reacting to this, SA’s official opposition party referred to the troubled economy of the nation and the unemployed 8.2 million South Africans.

Based on that, the party wailed that “every cent of the public’s money should be put to good use.”

“A government that doesn’t reach its own targets, or even come close to reaching them, is a government that doesn’t work. A government that wastes millions every year is a government that simply doesn’t care,” asserted DA.

The table below shows the departments wherein more than R2 million was not recovered in financial misconduct cases involving SA public officials.

Departments Amount Involved
Water and Sanitation R 9 563 202.70
Telecommunications and Postal Services R 4 962 126.99
National Prosecuting Authority R 5 354 134.28
Defense R 2 787 985.97
Labor R 2 710 817.77
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries R 2 044 590.34

Along with that, the underneath highlights the departments that expended their budget allocation but failed to achieve almost nothing in their Annual Performance Plan Targets.

Department % Achieved % Expenditure
Energy 28.6% 83.6%
Public Works 42.4% 98.4%
Telecommunications and Postal Services 24.1% 97.5%
Women Children and People with Disabilities 36.4% 99.0%

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DA capitalized on the foregoing and called on South Africans to “vote for a DA government that is accountable and committed to quality service delivery” come 3rd August 2016.