SA Post-1994 Democratic Government: A Murderous Regime Like Apartheid – EFF


The Fighters (EFF) says SA post-1994 democratic government is increasingly, becoming a murderous regime like the apartheid government.

To the Economic Freedom Fighters, The African National Congress (ANC) party has no right to observe Sharpeville Day (Humans Right Day) like it did yesterday.

That’s because SA post-1994 democratic government led by the ANC has become murderous like the apartheid regime.

“Increasingly, the post-1994 democratic government is also becoming like apartheid in its disrespect of human life.

The commemoration of Sharpeville Day must remind us of Marikana in 2012 where the ANC government killed 34 workers in cold blood. It must remind of the the death of more than 100 mentally ill patients who died in the hands of the ANC government in Gauteng due to negligence, corruption and disregard of human life.

The ANC has no claim to observe Sharpeville Day and claim a moral high ground in relation to apartheid. This is because it too, has become to black people, what apartheid was to black people; a murderous regime”

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EFF contended that the Sharpeville Massacre demonstrated the importance of human dignity.

“It highlighted the dehumanisation of Black people and their land dispossession. The lives of 69 people in Sharpeville, 3 in Langa  and 26 in Uitenhage in 1985 on the same day ended in the hands of police brutality.” That, EFF asserted, is a “reality that still echoes in South Africa 22 years into democracy.”

With the foregoing, EFF contended that the dignity of Black people can only be restored through access to land.

“Until there is justice and equality in relation to land…any Human Rights attained are incomplete.

…This is because there can be no human right with no land. All Human Rights are unsustainable without the right to land. They all exist in a time boom because the majority of our people have to claim to this land,” stated the Fighters.

Thus, the party in memory of the marches that took place in Sharpeville and Langa, reiterated that land must be expropriated without compensation for equal redistribution.

“Increasingly, our people will ask what good is the right to vote without land? What good is freedom of movement, assembly and expression without the land?

“Above all, they will ask what good is the right to life without the land because without the land we are condemned to live on our knees, without the dignity of identity and economic freedom.

“…Until land dispossession of Black people is addressed, all Human Rights are incomplete,” EFF upheld. 

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Meanwhile, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement accused the ANC government of whitewashing the blood of Sharpeville with words.

According to BLF, the ANC government’s decision to recognise the tragic history of Sharpeville as human right day was meant to hide the truth.

“The ANC government has decided to call it human rights day. By doing this, the ANC government has erased the truth of the day by not calling it what it was – a massacre that happened in Sharpeville before spreading to the other black zones up to the dusty streets of Cape Town’s townships,” BLF stated.

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ANC however, urged that key moments in SA history like 21 March should always serve as moments of reflection on the journey of the country and the aspirations.

“Rising from these painful episodes in history,” ANC said, “South Africans should use these days to recommit ourselves to the values we collectively said would define our new nation. A non-racial, non-sexist society where all enjoy equal rights.

“This demands therefore that we all work together to deepen and entrench a culture of human rights and amongst others reject any form of discrimination including xenophobia, religious intolerance and prejudicial treatment on the basis of sexual orientation etc.

“We must also reject those amongst us who continue to praise colonialism and the systematic oppression of our people, undermining the sacrifices of the oppressed majority of blacks in general and Africans in particular,” ANC added.

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