SA Political/ Civil Unrests: South Africans Must Fight To Make SA Great Again


Recent violent attacks by South Africans, against foreign nationals in the country, coupled with the dilapidated state of South Africa’s political state, has given rise to a special call on South Africans to “Make SA Great Again

Looking around all that has been happening in the country in the past few years – the economic collapse; continued mass protests for education and employment, political turmoils; and mass corruption- one need not to have a re-thing on where the country heads  and what the future has for the country.

The state of the South African Nation brings to mind a comment by  an American lawyer and political commentator Alan Dershorwitz who called South Africa a “failed state” while discussing the Oscar Pistorius murder trial with Piers Morgan on news channel CNN.

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Though he was massively attacked by well meaning South Africans, the politician explained that combination of cowardice and incompetence in our politicians, across the country, fueled several crisis rocking the country today.

“I’ve spent some time in South Africa recently, and people don’t want to hear this, but South Africa is a failed country.” said Alan

Economist who dismissed Dershorwitz’s claims, at the time argued that SA does not meet the factors that define a “failed state” such as widespread civil unrest, dysfunctional civil society, absence of an independent judiciary and a lack of protection for private property.

But the fresh rise of xenophobic violence in parts of the country- aggravated by a counter attacks by foreign nationals- puts a question mark on the political and civil state of the nation.

The city of Pretoria turned violent as both nationals and foreigners attacked each other. Concerned South Africans who looked forward to seeing political leaders taking serious actions against the matter were largely disappointed as political parties turned out pointing accusation fingers on each other .

The Jozi mayor Herman Mashaba who has been largely accused of sparking off the protest, allegedly withdrew to his shell while he deflated blames contorted logic to breaking point and “denied the obvious in a ridiculous attempt to describe the violence as anything but xenophobia” noted a writer on Huffingtonpost. 

“The idea that South Africans are somehow above the impulses of xenophobia (and yes, eventually genocide) is political cowardice. It is precisely because the idea has purchase at every stratum of our society that condemning it in explicit terms would constitute political suicide.” the writer noted while charging South Africans to wake up and realize the need to make SA Great again.

South Africans are hereby encouraged to mend the violent-ravaged country by first putting a lasting end the recent uprising against foreigners. This is because if this allowed to continue, there will be retaliations in other countries round the world. This will create reinforcing cycles of violence both here and in other African countries.

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The slogan “Make SA Great Again”was borrowed from the US campaign slogan abbreviated as MAGA- Make America great Again

The words originated with the President Ronald Reagan 1980 presidential campaign but the country’s 45th president, Donald Trump subsequently applied for and received a US service mark for the slogan, which he then used in his 2016 presidential campaign