SA Police Ordered To Release 1990 To 2015 Farm Murder Statistics


If you’re to guess, how many South Africans have been killed in farm attacks? The figure is probably one of those things we rather not know for the interest of peace, many would say. But sorry, we have to know and live with our evils as the High Court in Pretoria has ordered the South African Police Service (SAPS) to avail within 30 days, the statistics on farm murder from 1990 to 2015 and hand it to AfriForum.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the struggle to get hold of the statistics on farm murders started when SAPS publicized that the number of farm attacks and murder in the country declined over the past five years.

Based on that, AfriForum deputy chief executive, Ernst Roets noted that SAPS assertion regarding the crime means that the SAPS kept the actual figures of the victims involved in the crime.

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As such, AfriForum requested access to the statistics in order to verify SAPS’ claim but SAPS ignored the request. That, they did twice leaving AfriForum with no option but to seek help from the court.

Reporting that SAPS “did not pitch up in court yesterday to defend the application,” IOL related that AfriForum will serve the court order to SAPS on Monday, and will be anticipating the release of the statistic soonest.

Speaking, Roets disclosed that AfriForum has an independent record of farm murders. And that their document showed that the nation witnessed at least, 316 attacks in the past five years.

“We believe the number of farms murders and attacks has not declined. Even if it has, the problem has not been solved and requires more attention.

“We believe it is of national importance that the incidence of farm attacks and murders be monitored correctly. This is to evaluate the ability of the SAPS to effectively protect citizens residing on farms,” Roets explained.

He buttressed that AfriForum use the figures in its campaign to safeguard farms and to ascertain the areas most vulnerable to farm attacks.

“We are delighted that we will now receive these figures, but we are sorry that we had to approach a court to compel the SAPS to divulge them,” Roets added.

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