SA Police Cells Secretly Run As A House Of Prostitution


BuzzSouthAfrica is currently conducting investigations to gather further details about the alleged secret use of SA police cells as a house of prostitution.

This follows the circulating reports claiming that Port Shepstone police holding cells in KwaZulu-Natal are being secretly run as a brothel.

According to the reports, police officers who pleaded to remain anonymous disclosed this happening.

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The officers related that prisoners do buy sex from fellow inmates, that their colleagues at the station are the middlemen of the sex-trade, and that two female prisoners are now pregnant.

As gathered, one of the female prisoner was transferred to Westville Prison and the other, to Port Shepstone Regional Hospital.

Divulging the operations of the secret-sex trade, the anonymous sources narrated thus: “some prisoners are known as ‘runners’ who help with the distribution of food to other cells and they are also the ‘messengers’ who inform the ‘middlemen’ if any prisoner wants sex.”

Commenting, police spokesperson Captain Vincent Pandarum remarked that higher authorities are aware of these allegations. However, the police spokesperson added that it’s difficult to take any action as the claims are yet to be substantiated.

“The female prisoners referred to denied any knowledge of these activities. We invite the sources of these allegations to come forward with any information or evidence to substantiate their claims,” the Captain begged.

The sources indicated that cameras inside the station did not focus on the holding cells. As such, they admitted that finding evidence to nail the offenders won’t be easy.

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Meanwhile, an 18-year-old man is set to appear in Centane Magistrate’s Court today for the rape of an 86-year-old woman in Eastern Cape.

The man reportedly attacked the woman while she was alone and raped her.