Hot! SA Police Car Chase Down A Group of Escaping Hijackers in Johannesburg


A team of dedicated officers from the South African Police Service (SAPS) tactically chase and capture a group of escaping hijackers in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

In this video which started out a bit quite for a police chase, the dashcam captures officers driving around Rosebank as they search for the suspected hijackers.

Interestingly, what happens in the video as soon as the suspects are identified is thrilling to say the least.

The chase is on as soon as the police sound their siren and looking at the entire footage from the police driver’s point of view often sends down chills down the spine.

Typically, the suspects attempt to escape the chase but their luck is up as their car they are escaping in skids at a bend, accidentally crashing into a wall.

At this stage, there is only just a few things left to do: pull the suspects out, let them know their rights and make the necessary arrests.

Overall, South African police lived up to their expectation and the streets are a couple of hijackers less but it seems the more effort is being made, the more the number that resolve to take on the role of hijacking as a business.

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