SA Parliament Scuffle: Juju Said His Balls Were Squeezed


Economic Freedom Fighters’ Commander-in-chief, Julius Sello Malema is alleging that his balls were squeezed during Parliament scuffle at the SONA event.

Charging the Fighters to keep the fight on, the EFF lord twitted that the white shirt security always go for his balls anytime there’s a scuffle in Parliament.

“The bastard is squeezing my balls yeses, they always go for my balls this white shirts.They do this all the time, hai. No retreat fighters,” he tweeted.

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Before the SONA event, EFF specified that they wouldn’t be addressed by an illegitimate President. To them, Mr Zuma is a threat to SA constitution and democracy. He shouldn’t be allowed to continue as President of the Republic of South Africa, contended the Fighters.

“It is clear that the Speaker and the entire ANC Caucus are hell-bent on rendering our Constitution useless and ushering of lawlessness in our country, which is a serious threat to our democracy.

“South Africa must rest assured that we, as the protectors of the public, will fight with all we have to ensure that the rule of law reigns supreme.

“The EFF will not retreat in its courageous and consistent action of holding Mr. Zuma accountable and will never allow South Africa’s constitution to be undermined,” EFF assured.

With that, President Zuma had to take precautions. He authorized the deployment of 441 members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to Parliament.


The soldiers were to assist the South African Police Service (SAPS) in maintaining law and order during the opening of Parliament, where Zuma will deliver the State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Still, the EFF proclaimed that they “will defend the constitution to the end and with whatever revolutionary means possible.” They identified that the deployment of soldiers for SONA was initiated by Zuma to intimidate them and the media.

When it was time for President Zuma to address the nation, his speech was excessively delayed as the Fighters wouldn’t stop interrupting and announcing Zuma an illegitimate President.

Eventually, the Economic Freedom Fighters were evicted from parliament. The Democratic Alliance party which also agitated against Zuma’s leadership, walked-out moments later.

Speaking afterwards, ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu described the EFF action as a “national shame”.

Asserting that the Fighters attacked Parliament’s security staff and damaged property during their eviction, Mthembu affirmed that it’s cool to institute charges against the EFF.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the repulsive conduct of these EFF MPs and their supporters, whose intention was to collapse the most important sitting of the two Houses of Parliament, undermine the rights of South Africans, and to destroy the institution,” he said.

Already, Parliament has reported to the joint rules committee, the violent removal of the Fighters and that of COPE’s (Congress of the People) MP Willie Madisha.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the removed MPs are suspended for five working days. And, can’t enter the precincts of Parliament until the suspension is over.

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Meanwhile, the DA leader Mmusi Maimane indicated that his party would approach a High Court for what it consider to be an unlawful use of force in Parliament.

According to the DA leader, the SA Parliament scuffle was disturbing and, exposed the true state of South Africa.

“…A deeply unpopular government at war with itself has broken Parliament, and has broken the Constitution,” proclaimed the DA leader.

Afterwards, he vowed that his party “cannot, and will not, let the ANC break South Africa.”

Adding that “South Africans were rightly appalled at the conduct of their Parliament and their government,” Maimane declared that South Africans deserve a new, DA-led government that puts them and their futures first.