SA Officers Mocked Gay Man For Reporting A Sexual Assault On Himself


A gay man by the name Vurgee Tshabalala has reported that he was allegedly assaulted sexually by 3 fellow men with whom he hitched a ride from Soshanguve to town last week.

Tshabalala reported that on their way to the town, the three men stopped the car, and forced him to pull off his clothes.

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“They told me they wanted to see my private parts and then sexually assaulted me,” said Tshabalala.

When the gay man went to open an assault case with the police, the officers busted into laughter and made fun of him instead of taking the issue seriously.


Pretoria North Rekord made it clear that the police officers who mocked the gay man who was raped and treated him with disdain could also face the law after he was advised to file a case with the independent police investigative directorate.

The directorate is in-charge of investigating cases of misconduct against police officers. Soshanguve police spokesperson.

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Lolo Mangena said:

“Legally that is discrimination. When you are treated unfairly in certain areas of the law, that is discrimination. That is not how we operate as police. If you are treated unfairly or differently from other people because of gender, sexual orientation, religion, skin colour, political or intellectual ability, a complaint can be laid against the police officers who assisted him. That is if he can remember them, their names, or at least can identify them.”

Mangena described Tshabalala’s ordeal at the hands of the police officers as synonymous with sexual assault and advised him to file a complaint with the directorate.

she said the treatment is another sort of discrimination against the law in South Africa

“This is another sort of discrimination. This means he was hassled in a sexual way and he did not like it. It can include someone suggesting or trying to get you to have sex, trying to touch you in a way you do not like, or displaying photographs that upset or offend you. Sexual harassment is against the law in South Africa,” Mangena added.

Those officers may be in serious trouble for laughing at the gay man. But I guess they couldn’t help it because it’s not everyday you meet a man who has been raped and has the balls to report it.