SA NGOs ‘Working’ For Foreign Agencies Are ‘Devils In A Sheep Skin’ – Edward Zuma


President Zuma’s eldest son, Edward Zuma has come down hard on some SA NGOs. You will recall that on Tuesday 26th April, 2016, Buzzsouthafrica brought you a report of State Security Minister, David Mahlobo’s allegation that some foreign agencies are at work again to destroy the freedom and peaceful governance in South Africa.

Speaking to Parliament Members during budget vote speech on Tuesday, Mahlobo stated that South Africans “must never yield to some domestic and international forces, who have intentions of creating conditions conducive for an unconstitutional change of government.”

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He bluntly revealed that not everyone is a friend to SA as those who oppose the country are hard at work. He added that though NGOs in South Africa play an important part in the country but they also work to destabilise the state. Mahlobo added that the media, religious and student organisations also help to push the destructive agenda.

Today, as the country marks its annual Freedom Day celebration, president Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma has sent out warnings to South Africans, imploring them to be careful of some non-governmental organisations which are “devils in a sheep skin”.

Zuma Lambastes SA NGOs

Speaking in a statement, Zuma said, “As a country, we are facing a situation where the youth and people in general are being told and fed lies and misinformation by all SA NGOs that are used by agents of the West to start a revolution in our country.

They have done it in many other countries around the world and we should be careful of them because they are devils in a sheep skin, we should not be fooled by… rebels of our hard-earned freedom, instead their calls should fall on deaf ears.”

He also accused the brains behind the “unholy alliance” of being against South Africa’s relationship with other BRICS countries.

“Hence, President Zuma is their enemy number one because he is not controlled like those who are now making noise today, and those who want to forcefully remove the existing democratically elected government.”

He then slammed some elder statesmen, especially SA’s business tycoon, Johan Rupert. Zuma did not spare Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema and the likes of Rupert, Trevor Manuel, Maria Ramos and “many who call themselves various names”.

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He alleged that some people have never had the interest of the country and its people, rather they have been part of those that destroyed our country with the apartheid regime. For example, the Project Spider Web should be able to clarify all one has suspected all these years once its content is investigated.”

For Zwelinzima Vavi, former Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) general secretary, Zuma called on all and sundry to discard the comrade’s assertions and claims because they won’t do the country any good. “True sons and daughters of this beloved country should defend it at all cost,” he asserted.

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