Deepen Your Spirituality And Reflect On What Can Make SA Better, Zuma Urges Musilms


Honorable President Jacob Zuma dished out his good wishes to all the members of SA Muslim community as they commence their holy month of Ramadan fasting.

Zuma demanded of the SA Muslim community to cease the opportunity of the holy month and deepen their spirituality. While on that, he asked them to reflect and plead for divine intervention that will improve things in the country.

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“We wish our Muslim compatriots a blessed and successful Ramadan, as they spend time deepening their spirituality and reflecting on what can make our country a better place,” stated Zuma.

He thereafter, congratulated Shaykh Irafaan Abraham, the new President of the Muslim Judicial Council.

Mr President said, “we look forward to working with Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams and to deepening the working relations between government and the MJC.”

MJC recently declared that the ANC is their party of choice in the forth coming elections.

Abrahams then, said; “our leadership always had a good relation with the late Nelson Mandela, a very special relationship, and obviously because of the ANC’s position living under the apartheid regime we support that. We support any organisation that was firmly against the apartheid regime and that is how the bond started and the bond is still there…”

Meanwhile, SA’s official opposition party also extended good wishes to the Muslim Community of South Africa and all Muslims around the world.

“Ramadaan is a significant month of self-sacrifice, where Muslim’s fast from sunrise to sunset. It is a month of caring, sharing and giving. And it is in this month where Muslim communities open their hearts, giving charity to the less fortunate.

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It is a time of community, family, sharing food and breaking fast together. A time that evokes a real feeling of Ubuntu across the country. (We) wish all Muslims a spiritually fulfilling month. Our prayers, support and best wishes are with all of you,” DA stated.