SA Men Have Grown Accustomed To Violent Abuse And Murder Of Women, EFF Wails


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) thinks SA men have grown accustomed to violent abuse and murder of women.

EFF said it’s saddened by the brutal death of Karabo Mokoena who went missing for several days only to be found dead with her body burned.

“The young black woman has been allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend who had been physically abusing her when they were together.

“We send our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Karabo Mokoena in this horrific time they face.

“There is indeed no other way to explain this tragedy than to point to the dominant and violent patriarchal order in South Africa,” EFF stated; wailing that SA men are now used to abusing and murdering women.

“Men have grown accustomed to the violent abuse and murder of women. Only a culture that hates women would treat them with so much disdain and violence” lamented the Fighters.

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Upholding that the dominant and violent patriarchal order sustains itself with violent sexual harassment and rape, EFF asserted that it’s not cool to perceive women as possessions and tools for men’s sexual pleasure.

“It is founded on hatred of women, masculine inferiority complex and self-hate. Fear of men increases because from total strangers women meet on the streets and taxi ranks, to the loved ones who share intimate spaces with them; there is no safety.

“Our political, cultural and religious orders ought to enter a radical process of introspection about the violent patriarchal order persisting in our country.

“We call on the state to ensure that the killer of Karabo Mokoena does not get bail and that he rots in jail,” charged the Fighters.

Meanwhile, the party welcomed the sentence handed to Patric Wisani, the former ANCYL leader who murdered his girlfriend, Nosipho Mandleleni. Wisani was sentenced to 20 years in jail for the crime.

The Fighters welcomed Wisani’s sentence as a strong, decisive action against the abuse of women.

To the Fighters, what Wisani did is “consistent with that of the ANCYL President who also harassed a woman journalist by shoving notes of cash in her breasts in public humiliation.

“This characterises the ANCYL today; a deep anti-women and violent culture,” proclaimed EFF.

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Furthermore, Malema’s party asserted that there can never be any solution to the dominant and violent patriarchal order when it is embraced and practised by those who lead political parties.

“Our courts ought to consider this reality and never compromise on those who hold positions of responsibility. A high moral standard, consistent with the non-sexist values of our constitution, must be demanded from them at all times,” declared the party.

Above all, EFF urged SA women to disengage from abusive men. “Let society isolate and shame all the abusive, murderous patriarchs until patriarchy falls,” EFF opined.